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Loui Bandz – The Rise to Success

Loui Bandz has kicked off 2022 with a banger. His latest song, “Who Do I Cry 2”, was released at the beginning of January, showing a new side of the 25-year-old rapper and songwriter. The explosive music video of the song marks Loui Bandz’s return to the industry from a long break he took after the passing of his twin brother Antonio Rayner.

“Who Do I Cry 2” is a song that introduces a new and grittier sound to the fans of Loui Bandz, who were used to his more energetic beats and catchy lyrics. The rapper’s journey through music has allowed him to explore darker themes that give the vibe of the music of Kanye West, Meek Mill, and Lil Durk.

In his latest song, Loui Bandz proves that he is not just a rapper. “Who Do I Cry 2” showcases his storytelling abilities by combining heartbreaking lyrics with harmonization to the beat and a banging set of drum mixtures. All of these elements paint a realistic picture that draws the listeners into the rapper’s world.

The song’s music video brings this painful story to life, making the viewing a powerful experience. From the first few seconds, we read the words “The police shut down the video shoot”, making the lyrics of the song even more relevant.

“Who Do I Cry 2” will suck any listeners to the world that Loui Bandz is illustrating through his music. With an interesting back catalog and a willingness to progress and evolve, the rapper’s rise to fame is something to be excited about.

Loui Bandz music artist

How It All Started

Loui Bandz, the 25-year-old rapper and songwriter was born and raised in Detroit. Growing up in these crime-riddled neighborhoods and not too far from the ganglands of Chicago, the rapper discovered from a very young age the hardships of life.

All of his experiences have found their way into his raps that are filled with graphic and urban lyrics. However, Loui Bandz has noted that he wants to influence people positively with his music. In his recent interview to the “Change Ourselves” podcast, he expressed that his music is just a means to express his inner storytelling and nothing more.

From “Rocking Dior” and “Slide” to “Who Do I Cry 2”, Loui Bandz has shown great versatility that leaves his listeners craving for more.

“Who Do I Cry 2” – The Tragic Story that Inspired Loui Bandz’ New Song

Loui Bandz - Who Do I cry 2 [Official Video]

With the release of “Slide”, Loui Bandz had set himself on the road to success. However, a tragic event forced him to retreat from the music business for a while. His twin brother Antonio Rayner, who is also known as “Breadupboy Tone”, was shot and killed in the commercial district of Detroit.

This traumatic event heavily inspired “Who Do I Cry 2”, a song that marks a departure from Loui Bandz’s earlier sound to a darker and grittier one. His blunt storytelling creates a rap that pierces through the listeners’ hearts.

Loui Bandz’s music combines the humbleness and down-to-earth vibes of Kanye West, with the autotune-filled street harmonies of Lil Durk, and the catchy rap-filled punchlines of Meek Mill. Taking a listen to his songs, we can’t help but keep wondering what this talented rapper has in store for us!

Connect with Loui Bandz on Instagram @makethestreetscry.

Listen to his latest song, “Who Do I Cry 2” on all streaming platforms.