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Life and Business Advice from Successful Entrepreneur – Marc Devisse

Marc Devisse is the owner of many businesses ranging across the food and construction industries. He is also an avid philanthropist and a leader in his community. He has won multiple awards for the success of his companies and continues to be engaged in his businesses and community.

Any entrepreneur knows that hardships and struggles are involved in starting and running a business. Marc explains: “You will have failures. Get over them quickly. Move on to the next thing.”

Marc knows this all too well. He started his first business—Tri-Town Construction—at the age of 22 in 2006—right before the Great Recession hit. However, Marc was determined to succeed and was able to successfully survive the recession.

He explains: “The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that the first group figures stuff out.” That is exactly what Marc did, he didn’t let the many problems that he ran into stop him; instead, he figured out how to navigate around them.

Two and a half years later, Tri-Town Construction was hit with a massive 50,000 dollar fine for not filing the proper paperwork with the state. Marc comments: “That was hard to come up with and pay off before we were allowed to get back to work.”

Yet, he found a way, and, now, Tri-Town Construction is a successful and influential company. In 2019, Marc invested close to a million dollars into a new business he started—Seaside Bar & Grill.

Though the restaurant industry would be a challenge to break into, Marc enjoyed cooking and coming up with new dishes—so, why not? He explains: “Business is risky. Make sure you believe in yourself, or you will not succeed.”

While Marc realized the risk that he was getting into, he knew that he could pull it off. Unfortunately, the grand opening of the business was the very day that Covid shut everything down. Yet, Marc persevered and was able to survive the pandemic.

No matter the situation, Marc believes that it is important to: “Stay humble and never stop learning. Every situation in life is a learning opportunity, whether it’s something you think is great and want to adopt into your company or something that you don’t like and think needs to be done better.”

As if owning two businesses wasn’t enough, Marc started Bonita Catering & Events and also runs Florida Roofing and Gutters—which donates a portion of its profits to the community.

An important business lesson that Marc learned is to under-promise and over-deliver. This helps ensure customer satisfaction—which is the lifeblood of any business.

He also believes that it is important to invest in your community. As for Marc, he has done this through his many philanthropic projects and he is currently running for City Council in District 1 of the City of Bonita Springs, Florida.

All in all, Marc Devisse’s successful entrepreneurial journey and heart for his community have led him to invest his success in his community through both his philanthropic projects as well as teaching others the many lessons he has learned in life.