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LGND Supply Co.: From a $35 Purchase to Winning a High Country Duramax + $50K

What started as a simple purchase of a $35 hat from LGND Supply Co. turned out to be a life-changing moment for Amber Proctor. The Tennessee native became the lucky winner of the LGND28 giveaway, which included a 2022 High Country Duramax and $50,000 cash. This exquisite prize valued at $135,000 changed Amber’s life forever.

Amber’s story of luck began with a simple purchase of a hat that quickly led her to the LGND Supply Co. website. Upon noticing the LGND28 giveaway, Amber felt compelled to take part. In her own words, “I felt like I had a good vibe, and I had a good feeling about it,” and so she entered.

As the draw concluded, Amber was announced as the winner. Her reaction to her unexpected fortune was one of disbelief and joy. Not only did she win a brand new 2022 High Country Duramax, but she also received a generous sum of $50,000 cash.

Amber, who hails from Bluff City, Tennessee, made her way to Connecticut to claim her prize with her son. In an interview, she revealed that she had never owned a brand new vehicle before and never expected to win such a massive prize.

The LGND28 giveaway is a testament to LGND Supply Co.’s commitment to its customers. It’s a rare act of benevolence that sets the company apart from others in the industry. For Amber Proctor, it changed her life entirely and gave her the chance to own a brand new vehicle and enjoy financial freedom.

In conclusion, Amber Proctor’s story is one that proves that sometimes, fate intervenes to change our lives. Her simple purchase, coupled with good vibes and faith, granted her an incredible prize that will forever stay with her. And for LGND Supply Co, it’s a testament to their values of customer care and happiness.