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Leaders Photo Stare Sums up US President’s Time at G-7

It is day two of the G-7 meeting, and the readings are all on the wall to suggest a tense moment between other nations and the United States. The German chancellor, Angela Merkel uploaded a photograph on Instagram of her and French President appearing to be to staring down at USA President Trump. Such captions, although very simple but seems to communicate the thoughts of Merkel in a thousand different manners.

The US Head of State is staring back with his arms crossed as the prime minister of Japan looks on with his arms crossed making this poses very interesting. In fact, the picture is even more than a thousand thoughts considering the fact that not only the head of state are staring but also the National Security Adviser John Bolton and other aides seem also to look on what appears like a tense period. It is also conspicuously visible that the writings of the caption are reading that it is the day two of the G7 summit in Canada.

It is notable that although the president had assured previously that his relationship with other nations are rating at a 10, the signs are suggesting contrary. Speculations have it that the world most industrialized countries faced off trump over an increase in tariffs imposed on them which they termed as unfair. In his defense, Trump argues that the imposition of these tariffs is for National security purposes.

Macron also twitted a picture of the US president sitting while other leaders and their aides are standing and staring at him closely with Macron, in particular, looking at him and gesturing. At some point in the tweet, macron assures that after a long day of direct conversing, they are actively seeking an ambitious agreement that will be of benefit to all of them.

The United States leader said on Saturday that he was willing to get rid of the tariffs if other leaders or nations were ready to enter into a more pure form of free trade. The G7 summit comprises Canada, Japan, Germany, Italy, Britain, and France. Initially, the group was termed as G8 when Russia was a member but since it is no longer a part of them, hence the term G7.

However, United States president Trump has been lobbying for the other members to let Russia join them again. The outcome of this lobby is yet to be seen and also what the meeting between these nations will bear.