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Law of attraction coach Jimmy Bennett Shares His Life-Changing Wisdom

Jimmy Bennett is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, and investor. Who runs multiple companies globally and invests in charitable causes that support the vulnerable. He is also a celebrated mental and life coach who has been touring the world, sharing his story of hope, reaching and impacting the lives of thousands of people to realize their versions of success. As an author, Jimmy has written many publications, including articles and essays. He is the author of the book Zero to 100, which covers his journey to success in detail. Jimmy has also hosted the likes of world-renowned speaker Les Brown and most recently “The Wolf of Wall Street” Jordan Belfort. 

Jimmy is a born philanthropist who believes in making the world a better place for everyone regardless of their social background. He says that everyone holds their key to a better life; it lies in your everyday decisions. According to him, your life is the summary result of your daily choices, 

Sharing his life-changing wisdom, Jimmy highlights several tips that he summarizes to fit under the ‘Law of Attraction.’ He points out various traits and aspects that revolve around your everyday life that can potentially change you for the better. Jimmy strongly believes in gratitude being the universal currency. Showing gratitude will go a long way in aligning your life and even unlocking opportunities that may seem like a dream. He challenges everyone to resonate and vibrate at a higher frequency of gratitude, regardless of the circumstance or situation. He believes that a simple thank you can be the key to an unmatched peace of mind, love, and hope, which are essential in life. 

Jimmy credits his financial success to the power of fixing your mind in influencing your lifestyle. He quotes renowned author John Maxwell who says that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Jimmy considers this to be one of the most essential life skills everyone needs to possess. Unfortunately, Jimmy found himself at a young age homeless as a result of his choices. Failed by his teachers, falsely labelled autistic, this imparted a loser mentality to him, significantly restricting his ability to explore his potential. It took the intervention of his music teacher Aldith Smith and athletic tutor Matt Wright, who saw his potential, to help Jimmy build his self-confidence. 

Similarly, he says you need to change your mindset and think about what you want to achieve. Start by believing in your potential, and the rest of the world will see what you are capable of. Jimmy also says that you need to be ready to identify and work on your flaws. This includes letting go of characteristics that don’t align with your life goals. He considers it part of living out the peace of fulfillment, which is the foundation of success.  

Lastly, Jimmy calls for investing in different forms of passive income today. Our world is becoming more passive, and laborious tasks are more manageable through apps and disruptive tech. So make an investment plan today.