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Lala the DJ: On Music & Fashion

For the last few years, Lala the DJ has been taking over Los Angeles and beyond with her exciting, high-energy, eclectic DJ sets. Born Daniela Voznesensky, the early 20-something DJ and music producer has spun her way to the most exciting high-profile, celebrity parties and events, from performing at Coachella tents to spinning for a Nike + Lebron party.

Initially working behind the scenes in public relations and journalism, Lala the DJ felt the need to delve deeper into her love for music, officially turning DJing into her career in 2016. “I bought the cheapest equipment available, the simple Pioneer controller, and just practiced literally everyday,” She explains, “During the day, I had a desk job, but by night, I began DJing around Las Vegas and San Francisco.” Her talent has taken her across the country, leading her to events like an opportunity to open for Future at a Super Bowl party in Miami, and an Adidas event in New York’s SOHO.

Lately, Lala has also been trying her hand at music production, collaborating with top charting artists. She sells her beats on a demand basis, but she tells us, “I have literally hundreds in the vault. Any artist you can think of — 42 Dugg, Roddy Ricch, Polo G, PARTYNEXTDOOR, I got something for them.” One can image that a female music producer has its challenges, but Lala takes it all in stride, telling us, “I embrace it. I don’t mind a challenge. I think women add a special touch to music. To anything, really.”  During the pandemic, Lala DJ’d less frequently, but still managed to release a few mixtapes, receiving critical acclaim from publications like Hypebeast and Uproxx. She also premiered on several Dash radio stations, inlcuding Apple’s Beats 1.

Lala the DJ

Lala is also on the up-and-up in fashion, and expresses her desire to delve more into that side of music. “I’d love to DJ for huge fashion houses more often. So far, I’ve mostly done streetwear brands. I’d love to do an event in Paris, Milan, for a Dior or something like that,” she gushes.

Often wearing high-end streetwear mixed with basic staples Lala describes her style as, “chronically underdressed, but expensive. And fly.” (Laughs). Lala’s favorite brands to wear include Chanel and Jordan for footwear, and Naked Wardrobe for basics. She also mentions she has a merch line in the works, a collaboration with a “well-known brand, but I can’t say much more than that for now.”

Advice she gives for aspiring young creatives is, “Take risks and go all-in. You can’t do halfway. ”