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Kyle Stemberger: How He Became A Multi-Platinum Producer & Turned His Talent Into A Business

Credited on releases with artists ranging from Jorja Smith & Burna Boy to Flipp Dinero & Lil Baby, bringing in multiple Platinum Records & Billboard #1’s, Kyle Stemberger received seemingly overnight success after a lifetime of honing in on his musical talent.

Born & raised outside of Atlanta, GA, Kyle began getting into music at an impressively young age. His earliest memory of him having any interest in creating music took place when he was just 6 years old. His parents took him and his sister to see Christmas lights in his hometown one evening, and he was able to come home and instantly play the music he heard that night by memory on his family’s piano. This led to Kyle developing perfect pitch, giving him the ability to play almost any song by ear. He managed to teach himself the basics of piano and eventually picked up guitar. His early life consisted of him perfecting his musical abilities in his free time, & gathering attention locally for playing piano & guitar in talent shows at his elementary school.

Kyle developed an interest in creating music of his own in Middle School. After downloading a trial version of music production software FL Studio, he began to teach himself the program using information he found online. Around the same time, he became increasingly interested in hip-hop & rap music, drawing inspiration from popular artists of that era such as Future, Drake, & Young Thug as well as producers Metro Boomin, Zaytoven, Southside & others.

For the next few years, he would spend most of his time improving his production skills & learning everything he could about creating modern hip-hop music. Kyle had an advantage not every other producer had at the time – with the rising popularity of guitar, piano, & more melodic elements in hip-hop & pop music, he was able to begin creating his own compositions (“samples” or “loops”) containing recordings of his own guitar, piano, and even using his own voice as an instrument. By sending out these compositions to already established producers in the industry, he created a lane for himself by crafting melodic ideas that some of the industry’s largest producers were looking to incorporate into their own tracks. Kyle began building a name for himself, securing some of his earliest credits through sending out these compositions to other producers.

The same way Kyle learned the skills needed to start creating his own music by researching online & watching instructional videos, he decided to start helping other beginner producers out himself, and began uploading Youtube videos of his own while he was in high school. He began creating tutorial videos which would show new producers & fans of his how he created his beats, melody compositions from scratch, & even advice for producers to begin getting their first credits with artists. This introduced him to the idea of turning everything into a business, & selling these compositions in packs that other producers could buy and use in their own production, and gave Kyle the income he needed to support himself and focus on his career in music instead of preparing for college like the rest of his peers were.

Kyle Stemberger

According to Kyle, he never took youtube that seriously, & never really saw a future in youtube for himself, because his passion lies in music itself. However, he garnered tens of thousands of subscribers and hundreds of thousands views on his instructional videos. This exposure ended up gathering the attention of Peter Ashley & Stephen Orso of Loyalty Records (an entertainment company founded by music executive Charlie Walk) and led to Peter taking Kyle and his close friend & collaborator, KBeaZy, under his wing, which opened a door for more opportunities in the music industry for Kyle & KBeaZy, and eventually led to them both signing lucrative deals with publishing powerhouse Prescription Songs, and moving out to LA.

Kyle began securing multiple credits with major artists in quickly through the compositions he was selling online, with songs like Bad Bunny – Ronca Freestyle (3x Latin Platinum), Headie One – Triple Science

(off his Billboard #1 Album “Edna”), Flipp Dinero & Lil Baby – How I Move (RIAA Platinum) and even Lil Wayne – Playoff (Wayne’s collaboration with ESPN for the 2020 College Football Playoff National Championship) which are all centered around musical compositions Kyle created and sold online.

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Since these “sample packs” were providing such a beneficial push in his career, Kyle decided to turn it into a legitimate business, a website named “Sound Haven” (, which according to the description on the homepage, is a sample library created by multi-platinum producer Kyle Stemberger providing industry ready sample packs, created with various analog gear (both vintage and modern), guitars, & plug-ins. Initially a place for Kyle to release packs of his own work, it is evolving to include releases from many young, up and coming producers in the near future.

Kyle Stemberger

Today, Kyle is 21 and lives in Los Angeles. He is focusing on expanding outside of just melodic compositions, and has been in the studio with artists creating tracks from scratch & expanding his skill set daily, focused on creating the best & biggest music he can. His most recent release is Tory Lanez – BDay, off of his 5-track EP, We Outside, which was released on July 27th, and has a lot of new records in the pipeline. Achieving all of the success he has in just 3 years, we are excited to see what the future holds for Kyle.

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