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Ken Llamas who is being an inspiration for many

Ken Llamas teaches others how to invest and trade cryptocurrency, altcoins using unconventional strategies which others have used to do a 2x – 5x – 10x portfolio in a short amount of time.

Ken is grateful for being able to help people. He teaches people to make money by investing in cryptocurrency regardless of any starting investment which has allowed them to pay off their debts, travel the world, quit their jobs, pay for their college education.

Here is what makes Ken stand out

Working with Ken means that he takes a look at his client’s portfolios and give the best advice on where to allocate and diversify their portfolios if they are to multiply their portfolio during a bull cycle.

What makes Ken stand out is the fact that he is very transparent with his trades. People will be able to see the money he makes, the money he lost. “I believe transparency is what is needed in this space so that is why I do all of these”, Ken said.

Hardships faced but Ken never gave up

Ken says that without his failures he wouldn’t have the success that he has now. His mistakes include losing over $250,000 in cryptocurrency during his first year as he dove deep into this market. Ken also failed at four businesses. He pulled himself out of a $50K debt hole and now is making way over 6-figures per year and his total crypto portfolio is over $450,000.

Ken’s advice for cryptocurrency investors

Ken stresses a lot on learning and invest.

“Get connected in the industry. Join different telegram groups. Get a mentor to speed things up.”

While people need to watch videos and study up on the market trends and new projects, Ken advises investing money.

His biggest advice, “Don’t get attached to your money. The money you invest in cryptocurrency should be money you are okay to lose. So don’t sink your life savings into crypto unless you know what you’re doing. If you make $5,000 per month. Start by investing $500 per month into crypto. Have a solid set of investments before jumping into riskier investments. The more you stick in this space, you’ll learn faster.”