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Kay Franklin is Making a Breakthrough in the Music Industry

It’s a musician’s dream to establish a name in the music industry. Most of the artists work hard on their dream to storm the mainstream. However, it can be one of the toughest tasks to accomplish. There is stiff competition in the industry, with each player bringing their A-game to win as many fans as possible. Technological advancements have somehow made it easy for artists to showcase their works, but it remains hard to hit success. Talent remains the key to success but is not sufficient to push you through to the top of the charts.

Singer and songwriter Kay Franklin is one of the great talents taking the industry by storm. Kay Franklin’s music is a cross between sultry R&B and liberation. The West Los Angeles native and grandson of the illustrious John Barnes, who produced for Michael Jackson, Chaka Khan, Quincy Jones. Has spent more than half his life producing and writing records, for both himself and other artists. From Hip-hop to R&B, Trap to Pop, with his most notable penning on, “Rocket Science” for Joyce Wrice, and the recently released “4 The Low” for Problem and Wiz Khalifa. With 60k monthly organic listeners, this melodic crooner gives an open invitation to the world of Bae Franklin, and it feels like 90’s R&B. The tracks are perfect examples of Franklin’s talent, which gives a modern R&B vibe with a modern touch.

Throughout his life, Franklin has been writing and producing songs for other artists. His music writing skills have seen him work with some of the notable names in the industry like Wiz Khalifa, Problem, and many others.

It is this unique sound that has enabled Franklin to build a name for himself. The music speaks for itself with its captivating and addictive sense to make you glued to listening to his songs. He invests lots of hours to perfect this sound. Unlike many, his key focus is getting it right and not getting it right for the moment. Consistency is key, and that’s what separates the mediocre from the great. With a clear understanding of this, Franklin is dedicated to uncovering the better version of himself each day.

His greatest ambition is to become a legend in the industry and go down as one of the best artists of this generation. Franklin is working harder to achieve this, as it’s clear to him that nothing comes easy. There are no shortcuts to success, and hard work, dedication, and resilience are essential to survive in the music industry.

Franklin comes from a very musical background. Growing up amidst some of the great talents in the industry and seeing them work hard for success motivates him. They have been teaching him by example that success comes to those who work for it. The first-hand experience was inspirational, watching the great artists work hard with dedication to their craft.

The future is bright for Franklin. He is on course to release at least two EP’s, at least two more major productions, and a partnership with Hennessy. This will be a significant boost for him to increase his fan base and gain a global audience.

Understanding that he needs to persevere with his plans regardless of the situation has been key to his success. Building a supportive team that believes in him and his music was also very important. They help him get through his busy schedule and remain on the right path to success.