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Introducing Kartik Anand, who is a Founder and Executive Chairman of King Group Ventures LLC. Talking about Kings group Ventures, its knowledge is spreading rapidly. After instituting a successful lead generation business globally, he was able to further successfully diversify his group’s operations to different industries. He is eventually trying hard to execute his dream and now has a host of business verticals under Kings Group Ventures (KGV). Their publishing and media companies provide content curation and marketing services to IT giants across the globe. KGV’s service vertical also has a premium laundry & dry clean business backed by high-tech processes. 

According to Kartik, the biggest challenge has been to put the pieces of a puzzle together to achieve the next desired vision, while driving a profitable business. He says “Right from team building to managing employees, every step involves engagement, leadership challenges, and minor struggles along the way. But it’s essential to take over the reins, trust your grit and hang in there. Our people-first culture distinguishes us from the rest. We appreciate the good talent and entrust them to deliver earnestly.”

As a leader, he believes that it’s important to have immense faith in one own self and set audacious goals in life and consistently persist to achieve them with unfading commitment. Great companies have always been built on aspirations. He aspires to expand the KGV family by adding more service verticals under the wing. He believes that it presents a tremendous opportunity to position their brands to serve a larger purpose of adding value and giving back to the community.

Sharing the wisdom to the newbies who are as ambitious as he is, that he has learned, he mentions “When it comes to successful leadership, attributes like vision, communication, integrity, and curiosity never go out of style. Today, it’s more than important to build strong teams in the face of these uncertain times, keep up with the latest technology, and demonstrate strong business acumen. As the head of the group, I’ve always encouraged strategic thinking, innovation, and action. We set and prioritize goals and take responsibility for accomplishing them.” He always focuses on developing and nurturing the talent within and building confidence amongst employees to continuously contribute towards their personal and professional growth. He also says “As an organization, we believe in making informed decisions, set a practical vision to put ideas and thoughts into action.”

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