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Kareem Thomas: The Road From Pro Basketballer To Top Model to Real Estate.

From professional basketball to running a real estate business, Kareem Thomas has put his fingers in many pies. The multi-talented actor, best known for his famous role in the second season of the reality show, Temptation Island, is still pumped and ready for a new challenge.

Temptation Island, which airs on Fox and the USA network, is a reality show where couples are taken to Hawaii and separated for about a month. During that time, they are tempted out of their relationships by attractive singles.

Kareem’s incredible performance as a tempter in the second season brought him into the limelight.  After successfully tempting his target, Esonica, he walked off the set accomplished. It didn’t take much to see that the ambitious man that is Kareem Thomas would go on to accomplish many things.

Kareem Thomas’s Accomplishments.

During the show, Kareem had a job as a financial analyst at Goldman Sachs Family Office. He worked there diligently for two years before he decided to move on.

According to Kareem, “At the time, I came across my favorite entrepreneur to this day named Gary Vee. I would watch hours and hours of his content and read books on self development which continuously inspired me to do something for myself.” Thanks to the lessons from Gary Vee, Kareem threw himself into building a few companies that imparted a wealth of experience into him—despite their short life spans.

His determination and vision for himself were too lofty to be dampened by those failures, and so Kareem got up kicking every single time. The twenty-nine-year-old is presently at the helm of his real estate company, Luxor Properties. A company that deals in pleasant short-term accommodations for professionals at lower prices than hotels.

It would be an oversight to ignore Kareem’s star-studded time as a professional basketballer. Thomas was the youngest player on the Schenectady Legends team that went undefeated and won the IBA championship. He has put some of the skills he gathered from basketball into Luxor Properties, achieving an effective management method that incorporates his skills at working in teams, competing, and networking.

On the modeling front, Kareem still has a lot going for him. His good looks, fantastic physique, and winning smile have landed him many high-brow projects. One of which is his role as a male model in Megan thee Stallion’s “Captain Hook” music v

“I never imagined myself on a reality tv show or acting,” Kareem said, yet his performance at his debut reality show, Temptation Island, was nothing short of spectacular. The Queens native remains flexible and willing to try new roles. He has a driven and ambitious personality —all traits he attributes to his mother’s teachings at an early age.


Juggling the rigors of modeling with the cutthroat competition of the real estate world cannot be a walk in the park, yet Kareem Thomas makes it work. “I’m looking to make an impact, not only in business but in entertainment as well,” he says, his eyes set toward the future. Kareem Thomas isn’t done yet—not by a long shot.