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Justin Caswell

Justin Caswell is Compelling Internet Users to Demand More

The Dot Com Boom was an exciting time that sparked interest and even careers for many people — including Justin Caswell, the CEO of RevoFi. But while many people simply created digital businesses by building websites, Caswell’s ambition was far larger than others. As early as 2000, Caswell has been intrigued with the Internet and has considered it something of a passion project. But he did not simply want to contribute to the system that was in place. Instead, he wanted to revolutionize the Internet by decentralizing it. Without centralized authority, Caswell believes open sourced Internet could make groundbreaking access to the vital tool a reality for far more people. However, Caswell would have a long road to travel in order to build the technology he dreamed up.

How Caswell’s Company Works

Though it took time for Caswell to launch RevoFi, it has become an innovative company resting between two types of prolific, modern technologies. Caswell combined the worlds of cryptocurrency and high-speed Internet access with RevoFi’s Wi-Fi Mesh Routers. When customers buy RevoFi routers, they can provide excellent access to the Internet for an entire unit of users such as those inside an office or simply at home. But providing the Internet to many people through RevoFi’s routers is hardly what sets Caswell and his company apart. It is the step that comes after investing in and setting up one of the routers that truly makes RevoFi a revolutionary concept.

Caswell hoped that his company could provide easier access to Wi-Fi by creating a widespread network of hotspots that seemingly anyone can tap into in order to log online. To make this happen, those who own RevoFi’s Wi-Fi Mesh Routers can open up their Internet access to the public. When they do so, providers can earn Revos cryptocurrency. With an incentive like that through RevoFi, Caswell can indeed revolutionize how people gain access to the Internet. By opening up access to Wi-Fi, the competition with other paid Wi-Fi services increases and can help expand the availability of reliable Wi-Fi access to more users. Ultimately, Caswell wants RevoFi’s Wi-Fi Mesh Routers to be commonplace enough that hotspots are readily available from within single buildings to the spaces in between them too.

The Long Road to RevoFi

Caswell’s success with RevoFi certainly did not happen immediately, nor did it begin right away after inspiration struck in 2000. For many years, he worked in the oil and gas industries, but all of that changed after attending the Aspen Institute. The Blockchain and Crypto Conference in Colorado allowed him to network, and he even attained a meeting that allowed RevoFi to become real. He secured a patent for the technology that was finally ready, and with that Caswell could launch RevoFi.

After working in another industry, creating and losing his first business, and even working odd jobs to make ends meet, Caswell had finally reached his dream. Not to mention, all of the hard years of work had taken place while he grappled with a divorce which left him as a single parent. The challenges were far from easy to overcome, but with perseverance and a deeply-held vision, Caswell made his technological ideas come to life.

Caswell Quickly Met Success with His Routers

Some 18 months after attending the Aspen Institute, the company had become active and was thriving. Caswell had become a successful entrepreneur as an independent contractor seemingly overnight to those who did not know his trying journey. Though success was not an immediate result for Caswell himself, it was for his patented product once it hit the market.

In 2021, he began working for his company full-time and RevoFi started selling its Wi-Fi Mesh Routers. In just one month, sales topped more than $200,000. Caswell’s personal and professional success with RevoFi took many years to achieve, but with patience and perseverance, he and RevoFi have succeeded. Now anyone can buy into Caswell’s concept and be among the first to create the groundbreaking network of hotspots wherever they may be.

About Justin Caswell

Justin Caswell is the founder and CEO of RevoFi and an advocate for a decentralized wireless infrastructure platform owned and powered by the people. RevoFi’s Hotspot Devices ensure that anyone can begin building their own network by providing network coverage and sharing resources. Learn more at