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Josh Crawford: From Hacked To Over 100,000 Subscribers

Josh Crawford is an American drummer and content creator best known for his energetic reactions to drum performances on YouTube. The channel also features lessons and performances by Josh and has enjoyed over 24 million views to date. Fun Fact: Josh is AN IDENTICAL TRIPLET! On June 12th, 1990, He entered this world with two roommates: my brothers Justin and Jason Crawford. Yes, he’s the oldest of a set of triplets and amazingly, they’re all musicians! His interest in music began differently than you may have expected. Joshua originally had an intense desire to play the guitar and his younger brother Justin, played the drums.

They all started as church musicians and still play in church ’til this day, his younger brother Justin on drums and Jason on keys. Even though He wanted to play the guitar They didn’t have one yet so Joshua sat in as a back up drummer scared to death hoping that his brother Justin would never get tired, or just let me play the slow songs. However, his fear and hesitation to playing drums changed as soon as He joined his high school jazz band. Not to mention according to Joshua his brother Justin stopped progressing as a drummer and had now moved on to play guitar which now serves as his main instrument.

His brothers, best friend Alex Rassberry, and Joshua started a jazz band called 3+1, get it? They were now gigging all throughout our local city Newark NJ and his love for drumming was morphing into a love for different kinds of drummers. While they were out trying to make a name for themselves, Joshua would meet different talents and just seeing what other drummers were capable of.

That’s when He started my YouTube channel. Joshua started doing reactions featuring different drummers and built a platform for the drum community with over 140,000 Subscribers and has generated over 24 million views. Can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Josh Crawford

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