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Johanna Buchweitz Is Building a Shortcut to Success – and You’re Invited

Female entrepreneurs are taking the business world by storm globally. More and more women are switching from working for others to creating their own companies that are aligned with their mission. Johanna Buchweitz, a successful entrepreneur, business advisor, and skilled investor, is helping more driven women confidently step into the entrepreneurial world and thrive once they are in it. She is the founder of Frankly Co., the online community for driven female entrepreneurs, that provides them with what they need to know to grow. Johanna Buchweitz also owns and hosts a podcast titled Limitless, which provides driven female entrepreneurs with open, honest and direct communication, while giving them actionable next steps for super-growth based on proven success tactics from extraordinary women in business. 

Johanna started her journey in finance, then went on to build, grow and successfully exit a tech company in the health and wellness sector, and then started her own consulting firm prior to creating Frankly Co. She has worked with founders and CEOs of startups, midsized and mature corporations. Johanna has played a pivotal role in many companies, helping them scale their revenue by not just identifying roadblocks but also by developing data-based strategies to overcome them. Her holistic approach to business has helped many companies reach the metrics needed to drive millions in increased revenue, raise capital at 9 figure valuations, and exit their companies successfully through acquisition. 

At Frankly Co. Johanna provides driven female entrepreneurs with an efficient method to get immediate access to the information they need to take the best next step without having to sort through hours of fluff content.  Leveraging her background in finance, advisory and tech, Johanna created Frankly Co. as an easy-to-use app, with solutions custom curated for every stage of one’s business. By connecting to a community of no BS action takers, and experts who have been in the same position, and through a custom A.I. database and search engine, actionable answers to the most pressing business questions are provided, helping these entrepreneurs achieve success as they define it.  

Frankly Co. is named after Johanna’s father, Frank. Besides being an accomplished businessman, and dedicating his life and work to helping others, Johanna’s father had an ambitious, confident, larger than life personality that has always inspired her. Frank created revolutionary, first of their kind in his industry programs, never took no for an answer, led with determination and conviction in his mission and was committed to executing in excellence. Frank not only had the vision, but he had the ability to execute on that vision beautifully. Just like Frank was, Frankly means to speak with open, honest and direct communication, which is what Johanna seeks to do with Frankly Co. and she wants to reflect Frank’s qualities in her company, to provide women in business with exactly what they need to know to grow (minus the fluff). 

To take this initiative further, Johanna started her podcast, Limitless.  Each week on Limitless, she shares insights, and interviews experts on her quest to help driven women in business achieve the time and money freedom they have always dreamed of! In this show, she deconstructs the success tactics of her extraordinary guests, digging deep to find the tools, tricks, and massive action steps that listeners can use. 

Johanna Buchweitz looks forward to helping hundreds of millions of driven female entrepreneurs make smarter decisions for their business and kiss constant re-work goodbye, achieve their business goals in the most efficient way possible, and feel confident and competent in their business. With her company, Frankly Co., and her podcast, Limitless, Johanna wants these women to know that they truly are modern day superheroes who can achieve the time and money freedom they have always dreamed of.