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Jessi Park, President and Author is Putting the Soul Back into the Insurance Industry.. One Agent At Time

“It’s all about how a company strategizes its assets, and the juxtaposition between culture and work driven results is where most companies struggle. Having the right people in the correct places, working together towards the organization’s vision is where brilliance happens—that’s how I’ve built my business and my life.” Jessi Park, President, Inspired Insurance Solutions

Take two-parts passion and one part, pure, unadulterated grit, and Jessi Park, President of Inspired Insurance Solutions, will appear to tell whoever is in front of her, “you can do it, too.” Building a multi-seven-figure insurance agency in just four years might seem impossible to some, but Park’s never-ending resilience paved the way to change how the sector not only works but how it hires as well.

“As a single mother, I saw so many parallels to raising healthy children and building a sustainable business,” Park explained. “I put my heart into my children and the soul of who I was into my company.”

While Park calls her success a “mindset shift,” what happened was much more personal. Struggling with debt and dealing with the exhaustive hours of working and single-parenting, Park witnessed the prejudice that was so frequent in the insurance industry and decided that instead of wishing for change, she needed to be the one who led the revolution.

An inspiration to many and recently named one of Central Florida’s Top 25 Women-Owned Businesses, Park’s organization is experiencing record-setting growth–  75% in this year alone. How she does it while sustaining low turnover and still recruiting new agents isn’t magic, Park explains; it’s just good business.

“I believe our company’s most valuable resources reflect our intentional investments; it’s all about human capital and knowing how to encourage team members to commit to the mission and outcomes while celebrating who they are.”

With only 5 years  in the insurance industry as an agent herself, Park recognized early on how to suss out top performers and what made agents work harder for longer. Focused on building a company that not only reflects her core values but an organization that leads with integrity and heart, Parks’ tremendous growth and bottom-line numbers speak for themselves.

Currently recruiting agents nationwide and selling an online course called Park is nowhere near the pinnacle of what she’s set out for herself. She illustrates, “Inspired Insurance Solutions is growing purposefully and rapidly, and the next step is for the organization to inspire other insurance producers to ask bigger questions of the industry as a whole.” Focused on eliminating bias, hiring others that were once in her shoes, and bringing clients’ needs to the forefront of daily operations, Parks’ multi-tiered goals are only overshadowed by her passion—never wavering— and focused on the future.

About Jessi Park:

Jessi Park is the President of Inspired Insurance Solutions,  an independent insurance brokerage company, offering top-quality products and levels of services not available anywhere else. With knowledgeable, in-house insurance experts as passionate about client service as they are about coverage, Park is dismantling the current way insurance is done—one account at a time. Her newest book Soul Beneficiary: The Good, Better, Best Guide to Success in Selling Insurance