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Jeremiah Flowers

From TaxNerd to The Enterpriser: Business Developer Jeremiah Flowers Shares Business Founding Tactics in New TV Show Series

Up-and-coming business developer and tax professional Jeremiah Flowers, aka ‘The Enterpriser’, known to his wider audience by the name of his tax advisory firm, TaxNerd, has over a dozen years of experience and expertise in his field, focusing on taxation, money management, and business development.

Over the years, he has successfully offered a leg up to customers, clients, prospective consumers and alliance partners who come to him for aid in achieving business and financial success.

Flowers is known as much for his positive, do-it-all mentality as for his business acumen, with some calling him the ‘Clark Kent’ of the tax industry, for his ability to work seriously as well as help others selflessly. As an expansion to TaxNerd, he launched a successful accelerator coaching program for aspiring business owners called, ‘The Enterpriser Accelerator Program’, which teaches those who choose to leverage his tutelage, on how to scale the business world.

But, in typical Flowers style, this audience wasn’t enough. He wanted to help more people than he could on a one-to-one basis. He longed to share his knowledge, wisdom and secrets with a wider audience. And he finally figured out how – through the platform of Entertainment.

His new TV show series, The Enterpriser, will illuminate viewers worldwide on; hard facts, simple truths, and entertaining anecdotes about starting and running a successful business. The TV show series will start streaming in December 2021.

Transparent Business Advice on TV

Flowers hopes to dispel some of the myths in his TV series that are the same ones that intimidate everyday people and keep them from pursuing their business dreams. These are the entertaining – but often false and unreachable – portrayals of starting a business that we see on TV and in the movies. He calls them a Hollywood version of business and entrepreneurship that offers no insight into generating and managing money.

“For a lot of people, taking in information formally is stressful and that prevents them from actually learning anything,” said Flowers. “Making a TV show series is a great way to make this information accessible to everyone, and even a little bit fun.”

The TV show series will share behind-the-scenes looks at founding a business and offer lessons on business, capital, taxes, administration, credit, financing, and economics aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in diverse industries from education to law, and healthcare to real estate etc. The content of each episode is strategically designed to bolster the knowledge and confidence that can help ordinary citizens become business owners.

He hopes to show that business ownership is not all glamorous boardrooms or brainstorming in garages. It’s very different from the montages of flipcharts, meetings, and laptops that we see on TV. Real business and entrepreneurship take time, focus, and sweat-equity. It requires persistence even when life has other ways of occupying your time.

Family First

Flowers certainly is aware of other ways of occupying time. He is a dedicated family man with four sons and is a hands-on parent in their daily lives. He also relies heavily on his wife, Joy, for both her emotional support and her savvy head for business. As her own contribution to society, she offers specialized life coaching and marriage skills that incorporate God and long-term vision, called “The Marriage Planner™”.

Having a strong family unit is especially important to this busy business developer and tax professional, who grew up with a single mother and vowed that his sons would never experience that caliber of hardship.

Beyond his family and faith, Flowers is passionate about helping others achieve their bottom line utilizing his God given business savvy talent. Perhaps the way he can best do that is by sharing his unique perspective on and skills in the marketplace. He believes it is his mission in life.

Strategic Sharing

In addition to his tips on business and work-life balance, Flowers will sprinkle each episode of The Enterpriser with asides about his hobbies, and how these enriching activities play an important part in reinforcing other areas of his life.

An experienced sailor and avid chess player, Flowers appreciates his skills while practicing his beloved hobbies. These include strategic thinking, foresight, abstract and cognitive meditation, crucial and precise on-the-spot decision making and the learning of various terminologies each  industry harnesses.

“I love chess because its strategies endow me with power to analyze the present carefully, anticipate changes before time and execute planning in order to succeed in the future,” he said.

When he gets out on the water or behind the board with a willing opponent, he often gets some of his best business ideas, since both activities engage parts of the brain that many of us aren’t lucky enough to use on a daily basis. And, of course, they are both highly enjoyable for him, offering another dimension of serenity and satisfaction to his already rewarding life.

Learn more about – and from – this multi-faceted business expert when The Enterpriser starts streaming in December 2021 with its debut episode 1, “Double Taxation”.

About Jeremiah Flowers

Jeremiah Flowers, known as “The Enterpriser,” helps aspiring business owners build their businesses from the ground up with compliance and scalability in mind. He has a new TV show series launching in December 2021. Apply to his Enterpriser Accelerator Program today.