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Jeff Meyer

Finding Flow: Meet Jeff Meyer and His Alpha Flow Executive Performance Coaching Program for Executives

A former NCAA men’s basketball coach, Jeff Meyer is the founder of Alpha Flow, his neuroscience-based signature performance coaching program that helps both athletes and executives find the best version of themselves via ‘flow state’.

Meyer has helped numerous entrepreneurs, c-level executives and business owners and professionals, including those at Fortune 500 and 100 companies, overcome struggles with distraction, self-limiting thoughts, uncertainty and depression.

His unique methods help guide people through all rigors of life, both professionally and personally, including those having garnered negative feedback from the public or colleagues, reliance on prescription drugs, fits of self-judgment, feelings of burnout, performance issues, and anxiety. In fact, clients reach high levels of pride and success to conquer these and other issues which may be affecting their mental wellbeing.

Through five shifts, Meyer spotlights and offers unique solutions for stress, anxiety and depression, or ‘SAD’ feelings, to attack any and all of the aforementioned issues that are affecting people.

“The goal in joining the program is for clients to use ‘flow state’ to sharpen individual performance, triple productivity and reach goals in record time,” said Meyer. “We all have thoughts running through our minds, 24/7, and if we begin to control them, our peers and employees will notice our internal wellbeing, our renewed confidence and freedom and want to follow.”

The performance coach has been spotlighted in numerous popular media outlets in sharing his expertise on ‘flow state’. In fact, he also has a book on the subject, which will be published in late 2022 titled, Athletic Genius: Activating Alpha Athleticism Through Heart Intelligence, Mindset and Vision.

“Everyone’s involved in some level of competition. We must be as mentally strong as we are physically strong. We help executives reach their respective ‘flow state’, which makes them nearly 500% more productive,” said Meyer. “When in this state of mind, one can do more in a single day than their colleagues can over the course of a week. Understanding one’s thoughts is key as it helps them focus.”

Finding the Optimal ‘Flow State’

Meyer lends his services to struggling business professionals and high-level executives to overcome uncertainty and distraction. His neuroscience-based program helps them find significance in their day-to-day and ultimately, success, both professionally and personally.

When people reach ‘flow state’, they actually open 1,000x the brain’s processing power and uplevel themselves, both mentally and physically. The results equal out to ‘diamond-like’ capabilities.

“When someone has reached an optimal state of flow, that is when they will perform at their best,” Meyer stated. “About 77% of our daily thoughts are self-defeating, so when we can find focus and clarity, understanding our thoughts, we can avoid going down the wrong paths.”

Get to Know Meyer

Meyer has positively impacted thousands of people over the course of his career, including 2,000 athletes over a 30-year period coaching for the University of Northern Colorado, Colorado State University and a handful of high schools.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in social psychological kinesiology and a master’s degree in pedagogy, and is currently navigating Steven Kotler’s Flow Research Collective.

An expert in helping executives and athletes reach the ideal ‘flow state’, Meyer is an expert and certified brain health and HeartMath coach. He has extensive experience in providing his services to not just individuals, but entire companies and teams as well.

“There are four phases and 22 triggers that can help us get into our states of flow,” said Meyer. “When it comes to struggle, embrace it and dive in. Have a clear goal for yourself. Once our prefrontal cortex clicks off, we are then in the zone. As a result, a superhuman cocktail begins stirring in us and we become recession proof- the ultimate competitive advantage.”

Jeff Meyer and His Alpha Flow

About Jeff Meyer

Jeff Meyer is a lifetime athletics coach whose career spans over 30 years. He has provided vision across numerous different sports, including with well-known amateur, collegiate, professional and Olympic athletes and both Fortune 500 and 100 executives. To learn more about Alpha Flow Executive, please visit