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How Marine Jaylen Feliciano Is Using Creating Generational Wealth As A Platform For Educating Others

Working split shifts between being a United States Marine and owning a fast-growing clothing brand, Jaylen Feliciano is on a mission to impact the lives of everyone he comes across.

Growing up faced with hardships throughout his childhood, Jaylen Feliciano has always managed to keep a positive mindset. Growing up without a father meant Feliciano was expected to fend for himself. Raised correctly by his courageous mother, the young entrepreneur is on a mission to educate others on how they can better their financial situations and leave behind generational wealth for the ones who come after them.

Feliciano has an important role in the Marine Corps, serving as a mentor to the young Marines he trains every day. Some come to him for advice, seeking to grow financially, mentally, and even spiritually. “You have to be hungry” Jaylen learned from Les Brown. “You have to understand to be hungry, find somebody in the position you want to be in and you have to have two things to trade from for them to want to help you,” explained Feliciano. “Time, are you willing to trade your time and work for them for free to be able to put yourself in the room or environment, or you can pay to play. You can pay someone who can mentor you and help guide you as a GPS would do.”

To date, Jaylen’s greatest success has been scaling his business Creating Generational Wealth, to over six figures in revenue. The brand goes beyond just being a clothing brand but acts more like a movement bringing financial literacy awareness to the younger generations. “How will your last name be remembered? What legacy will you leave behind? What will your kids inherit because of you? What example are you leaving for your kids to subconsciously pick up on whenever you may leave this earth? I tell people all the time some people are destined to be the mortar of their family,” explains Feliciano. “To be that breakthrough, their family may need to break generational curses.”

Jaylen Feliciano wants to continue to scale his brand while serving his country. He plans to speak to more kids, teaching them what he wishes he knew when he was younger.

To find out more about Jaylen Feliciano and his brands, be sure to keep up with him on his personal Instagram @jaylenfeliciano and Creating Generational Wealth’s Instagram @wecrategenerationalwealth.