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Jay G P Bangz Has Influenced Central California’s Sound

Jay G P Bangz, RCAA Gold Record Producer, President and Founder of FMBS (born James Perez); discovered music production at 14, in the group home where he lived in Bakersfield, CA.

After years of producing music Jay P has influenced Central California’s sound with his gritty yet urbane “Mobbing” production style. In his early year years he helped to develop Bakersfield’s rap scene and has since worked with various artists including; RJ, Mozzy, Y.G. 400, and E-40 . Besides being featured in multiple albums Jay G P Bangz has his music featured in Marvel’s movie “Black Panther”.

Jay G P Bangz spends his free time with his family and friends, staying active and working on his various projects including his own VST and production training programs.