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Introducing BigZaddyGreg, an Upcoming Artist Disrupting the Music Industry from Connecticut.

Many upcoming artists who started their journey three years ago were most likely faced with significant setbacks from the global Covid-19 pandemic. Given the movement restrictions and lockdowns, artists were left between a rock and a hard place since they didn’t know what the future had in store for their careers. But, some managed to rise above the setbacks and bounce back to the music scene. Among them is rapper BigZaddyGreg, an upcoming artist from Waterbury, Connecticut. Although the state has often been overlooked in the music sector, it is the home to multiple awards winners such as singer John Meyer. 

Born in 1999, BigZaddyGreg has been passionate about music since he was young and was inspired by John Meyer to pursue music as his career. He is among the lucky upcoming artists who witnessed growth amid the pandemic. BigZaddyGreg has consistently released music over the past three years and has grown rapidly to dominate the music airwaves. 

BigZaddyGreg is a master at his crafts, and he continues to grace his audience with a unique style of music. His most captivating and popular tracks include; Giddy Up, Get That Money, Bag Girl, Make Her Dance, Take A Trip, Living A Lie, Out The Way, and Living Good, among many others. BigZaddyGreg’s most recent release attracted over 100 thousand streams within a few hours after its release. It is the debut track off his upcoming album, which is set to launch in a few weeks, leaving most of his fans with high expectations.

BigZaddyGreg’s achievements in his music career are notable through sheer hard work and resilience. The upcoming music wizard has accumulated over 200,000 digital streams of his music across all music media platforms independently since the commencement of his career three years ago. He has released a Mixtape, two Ep’s, and numerous singles. In addition, BigZaddyGreg has gained over 36 thousand followers across all social media networks and counting. He has also held multiple meetings with several Atlantic Records subsidiaries and recently co-signed with the ‘No Jumper’ podcast and many more distinguished influencers. 

Although BigZaddyGreg’s journey is fast-paced, he has experienced significant drawbacks. “One of my biggest challenges was not being able to secure a record deal with Atlantic Records in my first two attempts. Because of that, I experienced self-doubt. I overcame this by telling myself I was great, reminding myself why I make music, to pacify myself,” shares BigZaddyGreg.

BigZaddyGreg shares his golden rule- he admonishes everyone to treat others fairly and in good spirit but never do so at the expense of themselves. Always do what you feel is right and best for you, and never give up on yourself or anyone you love.

BigZaddyGreg looks forward to making mind-blowing music, scaling heights in the global music scene and winning the hearts of his fans. He also has plans to give back to society by expanding his charity work a few years from now.