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Immigration Issues Weigh Heavily on Republicans

There was finally a sigh of relief from the Republicans as they left Washington last week after the months-long fight over the immigration. However, in a real sense, the war is far from over.

There has been continuous pestering of the Congress by the president, Donald Trump, to send him a significant amount of money for his border wall with Mexico, a request that could result in government shutdown just days before the election. Additionally, the legislators might have the time to ignore the issues. In the coming weeks, several court rulings expected on Dreamers and individual asylum seeker families will raise the heat on GOP legislators and underline their incapacity to rule when it comes to the unauthorized border crossing.

A week after the failure of the House to pass the immigration bill, Rep. John Faso, told the reporters that the decision by the House not to support the Bill was a set back at the moment which was not going to go away. The moderate New York Republican adds that it is not the end despite the setback.

The president may enjoy keeping his campaign on immigration going, but the Republicans are eager to avoid it as they fight to have their masses from this fall. GOP legislators have frequently shown incapacity to support any immigration plan unanimously, and the Whitehouse was unable to demonstrate leadership on the issue as well — leading to a constant whiplash as Trump changes his stand from day to day.

The decision by Trump to reverse the decision on immigration is one of the main reasons why the Republicans found it challenging to pass the bill which they had spent months negotiating among themselves. At least, there was one legislation that mirrored the administration’s bid to provide a pathway to residency for settlers who came here as children, improving security and enforcing it at the border, and limiting illegal immigration.

The attempts by the president and the Republican leadership to have the bill passed by the house suffered a whopping defeat of, 121-301.There were even some conservatives who panned the proposal as “amnesty’’. The decision by the House to drop the bill was a blow to both GOP leadership, which attempted and did not succeed to reach unanimity in the meeting, and to Trump, who endorsed the statute in an all-caps tweet moments before the voting took place.

It is likely that the United States president lets the Congress pass a substitute bill that spreads administration funding into a lame-duck session. But Republicans understands that by now that it is difficult to pin down Trump. Also, there could be an impending shutdown on their hands.