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Hussla Wheels and Ozzy Tyres are Pioneering the After-Market Wheel Industry in Australia

As human beings, we love to express ourselves in different ways. It’s part of embracing your individuality, sending a message to the world that reflects who you truly are. We do this in multiple ways, from our hair to our clothes, to even our cars. Understanding the desire for car enthusiasts to make their mark on their vehicles, Ozzy Tyres created an in-house brand of wheels that quickly became a household name throughout Australia: Hussla Wheels.

Changing your tyres is a non-negotiable as a car owner. Changing your wheels, however, is a way to express your individuality and the message you want to send with your vehicle. This is what inspired the leadership team behind Ozzy Tyres to create a wholly customizable wheel brand for their consumers around the country.

“Each wheel gives your vehicle a different look,” shares Ozzy Tyres. “You can change the wheels 20 times and have a different vibe each and every time.”

This is done through Hussla Wheel’s massive library of options. There are about 300 Hussla Wheel models, all displayed on the Ozzy Tyres website for car enthusiasts and newbies alike to scroll through. From passenger wheels to off-road wheels, all are displayed in high-quality images so consumers can get the full view. Each wheel has a description as well, so you can fully understand the product you’re browsing.  In addition to switching up the wheel, consumers have the option to adjust the color as well. This allows for a sharp, stylish look for any vehicle. With 300 wheels and 10 different colors each, the personality and customization options are all but limitless.

But Hussla Wheels doesn’t stop there. One thing that makes them a notable, renowned brand is the fact that they allow their customers to adjust the offset of their wheels. The offset refers to how the wheel is positioned on the vehicle. For example, with certain trends, buyers may want the tyres to stick out a bit. Hussla Wheels is the only company worldwide that allows its customers to customize the offset of the wheels on the website. You can’t choose a custom offset anywhere else in the world, making Hussla Wheels an enticing option for car enthusiasts throughout Australia.

Serving the people of their country is a huge priority for Hussla Wheels and Ozzy Tyres. They take pride in being the people’s brand, prioritizing customer service to the utmost degree. The leadership of both Ozzy Tyres and Hussla Wheels have a thorough understanding of the people of Australia, allowing them to deliver the best possible products and options for them. Hussla Wheels creates its products within the country, while other competitors outsource their wheels internationally. This does a disservice to the Australian people, Hussla Wheels believes. Other brands don’t truly understand the unique wants and needs that Australians have when it comes to vehicles, which is why Hussla Wheels has become a household name across the country.

Another reason they’ve become a household name is because they provide the utmost finishes, ultimate designs, multiple options, and top-tier safety options. Safety is one of the most important factors when it comes to the car industry, because style only goes so far if it puts the driver at risk. This isn’t a concern for those purchasing from Hussla Wheels. The brand also wants to ensure that the pricing is mid-range, while still being a high-end product. This expands the potential customer base, because they’re not ostrasizing anyone who may not have the budget for notably high-end car accessories.

Their ongoing, reliable service to the people of their country is reflected in all the work they do to make the purchasing of tyres and wheels as seamless as possible. Hussla Wheels fully understands the importance of both customization and customer service, making them one of, if not the most popular brand of wheels in all of Australia. And although they’ve already achieved incredible milestones as a company, they still strive to get better and grow as a company.