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How Victor Cuevas Helps Property Investment Newbies Make Passive Investment Income

In the right hands, nearly any profession can have artful aspects. This is certainly the case for real estate investing when placed in the hands of Victor Cuevas, a financier and real estate pro with three decades’ worth of experience.

As the founder and managing director of Griffin Crowd & Capital, he’s crafted an impressive business model that fuses real estate investing with crowdfunding to create passive income streams through fractional ownership.

Fractional Ownership

‘What is fractional ownership?’ you might be asking yourself. Good question. These hot buzzwords mean that, similar to other crowdfunding models like GoFundMe or Kickstarter, a large number of investors pool their funds to invest in high-value assets, like multi-family real estate complexes, which are Griffin’s specialty.

What makes this alluring to investors? Lots of things. For example, by pooling their funds, they can invest in something with a higher value than they could on their own. Also, with a pro like Cuevas in the driver’s seat, they mitigate the risk of making an investing mistake. And, perhaps the most attractive benefit, they receive monthly or quarterly dividends that amount to completely passive income.

Through Griffin, Cuevas, helps a diverse group of investors – from newbies to seasoned professionals – invest in apartment complexes across Southern California.

Uniquely Qualified

If you’re wondering what makes Cuevas the right man to lead this project, the reasons are myriad. He’s been in the industry as a mortgage financier since the mid-90s and has seen, survived and thrived through numerous recessions and unexpected economic aspects.

He also owns direct mortgage banks, which means he is uniquely qualified to find undervalued properties and immediately secure the best financing for them – leading to much higher than average returns on investments for his trusting clients.

Though he was extremely successful in the mortgage sector, he was always driven to do more, be more and provide more to others. It was this drive that led him to founding Griffin in 2019. The firm allows him to help others enter the property investment field with his expertise to guide them into making smart decisions – and easy, passive income.

“I wanted to be more than a ‘mortgage guy’. So I decided to pivot my expertise in commercial funding into something else,” he said.

Investing for All

One of the things Cuevas was most interested in doing with Griffin was levelling the real estate investment playing field. The firm makes investing easy – and less scary to new investors that come to him from around the world wanting to invest in the California property market.

What he has created, essentially, is an online one-stop platform that’s easy to understand and navigate, removing all the fine print and making picking the right investment a more transparent process with far fewer surprises and absolutely no ‘learning from your mistakes’.

“We’re really trying to disrupt the real estate investing industry. We’ve brought together experts and professionals to not only do this but also create an experience and a resource that benefits and appeals to a wide variety of investors,” he said of his business model, which is the first of its kind.

On his team are legal professionals, salespeople, commercial underwriters, mortgage brokers, accountants, property managers, land appraisers, and administrators.

While Griffin is focused on making the best multi-family complex investments that provide high dividends for investors – about 18% ROI on average – Cuevas is equally, if not more, interested in providing a terrific user experience that opens the door to real estate investing for fresh investors

Cuevas listens intently when his investors talk to him about their hopes, dreams and fears regarding real estate investing. He takes their thoughts into account when streamlining and refining Griffin’s investing process. He hopes that the result is positive, engaging and maybe even entertaining.

“We want people to enjoy working with us to find the best opportunities to use their finances for good.”

And of course, the idea of passive income is the most important aspect to many of his investors and he appreciates that as well. He knows that people have busy lives and may not be able to get involved in all the details of choosing and learning about the optimal properties.

“Some investors may prefer a more hands-off process, and that’s okay, but we want to offer the support they need and want to make good choices,” he said.

About Victor Cuevas

Victor Cuevas is an industry professional with over 30 years of mortgage finance experience, including extensive knowledge in both residential and commercial properties. He is a successful serial entrepreneur with a multitude of accomplished companies and ventures. Among them, Victor built a mortgage empire, spanning 36 offices in several western and central states. He currently serves as the founder of Griffin Crowd & Capital, the next chapter in an already illustrious career. For more information, visit