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How The Reel Agents Broke $1M within One Year With Zero Ad-Spend on Youtube

It’s a new day in the real estate industry. As a real estate agent, you know that the market is cutthroat. For every new agent, dozens of other agents want your business too. As a result, you have to work hard to ensure your business grows and thrives. That’s why when it comes to marketing, it’s not enough just to post on social media or plaster your website with ads. You have probably heard the phrase “content is king.” It means that content, in any form (text, audio, video), will be your most valuable asset. In today’s digital world of information overload and competition for eyeballs, you must ensure your marketing materials are as effective as possible. That’s how The Reel Agents did it and broke $1M within a year with zero ad-spend.

Established in December 2020, The Reel Agents are a real estate agency that has taken the internet by storm. The founders, Travis Plumb and Levi Lascsak, found success in their marketing efforts because they broke free from traditional advertising methods and focused on online avenues, particularly YouTube. In fact, that’s how they got their start in the business. In the beginning, all they did was create video content on YouTube for people interested in buying or selling homes. The consistent efforts the team put in bore fruit in April 2021, when they closed their first two transactions. Things only got better from that point. Over the next year, the team generated 187 transactions, $104 million in production, and over $2.7 million in commission with zero ad spend on their YouTube channel. Since then, they’ve gone from strength to strength and earned multiple awards and recognition as industry leaders.

Why are The Reel Agents thriving in this cutthroat space, you may ask? Also, why are they dominating in an industry that some take more than a decade to break into? The answer to that is leveraging their YouTube platform to generate inbound leads.

The internet is where everyone goes when they want information; best of all, it’s free! Using video content as their primary marketing strategy allowed The Reel Agents to create custom videos for a specific target market and attract them to their business without chasing anybody down. The agents didn’t knock on doors, spend money on postcards or magazines, or do any of the other things agents traditionally do. Instead, they focused on creating valuable and empowering content that converts organically. Everyone that wanted to work with The Reel Agents did so because the video content the team published resonated with them. In short, the team’s success was 100% inbound and 100% ad-free.

Recently, The Reel Agents have compiled and combined all the lessons they’ve learned along the way into a course format to help other real estate agents learn how to do what they did. The team is now teaching other real estate agents how they can also create a six-figure business for free through YouTube. Other services the team offers include video editing and SEO optimization, two crucial aspects of any winning video content. Real estate agents with a desire to get ahead of the competition have taken advantage of The Reel Agents’ done-for-you model and thrived in real estate within a short period. The Reel Agents’ goal is to compound their impact, help more agents succeed, and hit a billion dollars in sales in the next five years.