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How Rising Rap Star Lokolil is Using Music to Transform His Life

The Bronx is famous for producing high calibre rappers notorious for their lyricism and ability to create infectious beats. The next rising star from this area is Lokolil. Born and raised in the Bronx, Lokolil is turning his life experiences into electrifying songs. Despite being only 21 years old, Lokolil has experienced violence and hardships throughout his life. He is now using these stories to carve a better life for himself.

With a tumultuous background, music has become exactly what Lokolil needed to start creating a secure life for himself. With two babies, he is determined to build his skills and reputation as an artist and create a better life for them. His talent shows a lot of promise and Lokolil feels that he is definitely on the right path to becoming the next big success.

Bronx Drill has become a highly popular genre in the industry and Lokolil is quickly becoming one of the key artists taking over this style. Looking for an outlet for the pain he has suffered, Lokolil found an aptitude for the style and has since used it to connect with a rapidly growing fan base. His genuine life experiences craft his storytelling and provide an element of realism for his fans to relate to.

The originality and authenticity that he demonstrates has gained him respect from many in the community. Big names in the industry have also taken notice with people like No Jumper, Kazi Magazine, Shawn Barron from Motown, and YouTube sensation BLOU acknowledging the exceptional talent that Lokolil possesses.

Lokolil - You Are My High [Official Music Video]

Lokolil’s breakout single was “You Are My High” and earned him almost 300,000 views on YouTube. This number continues to grow as more and more people become drawn to his storytelling. Major labels have also taken notices of his talent, with a record deal in his near future. The traction that he is gaining from these industry bodies is an indicator of the success that are to come for him.

As the next biggest artist emerging in the Bronx Drill scene, Lokolil is definitely one to watch. With more music on the way in 2022 and a bright future on the horizon, he is sure to be a household name in no time. You can keep up with his work and follow his journey to success here:

Instagram: @OfficialLokolil

YouTube: Lokolil

“You Are My High” (Prod. By JayKash):