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How Renzie Richardson Promotes Prosperity in Abundance for Entrepreneurs

The founder and CEO of BHFL Group, Renzie ‘Coach Re’ Richardson, has a new 12-Step Signature Coaching Program, Mind Your Business Now!, which guides entrepreneurs in their transition to C-Level executives, but with a focus on the metaphor, ‘There’s prosperity in abundance, just like all the leaves on a tree.’

The business, in conjunction with the 12-Step program, can help businesses increase their value, upward of 7-8 figures, all while becoming the top company in their industry. Coach Re focuses on ‘reigniting their passion and fully utilizing their strengths to scale and achieve target revenue goals,’ targeting possible infrastructure flaws and igniting passion in their employees too.

Additionally, Richardson also makes it her mission to provide leadership to women and minority-owned businesses as well. Initiatives include helping them scale, find sustainable solutions, impact their local communities and build and develop leadership skills, themselves.

“I love what I do. It’s my passion. At the end of the day, for me, it’s about creating jobs and sustaining the ecosystem,” said Richardson. “I love helping minorities and women. When you create jobs, you have a seat at the table to invoke change that will actually impact minority-owned businesses.”

As part of the 12-step program, aspiring entrepreneurs take Richardson’s online assessment in booking an initial consultation call. This is where she assesses whether clients are an ideal fit for the program and she ensures them that confidence in her services will pay dividends.

“From starting an entrepreneur journey to shifting into being the CEO of an enterprise—knowing how to grow and scale a business—there’s a huge void in that space,” she said. “That void is the space that I’m in. I help people understand how to go from working a gig to being a CEO leading an enterprise.”

Where She’s Going, Where She’s Been

Richardson has over 15 years of experience in coaching business owners, entrepreneurs and CEOs, and ultimately helping well over 500-different clients and businessmen and businesswomen scale beyond the startup entrepreneur phase and become C-Levels.

With a soft-spoken, yet no-nonsense approach when coaching  entrepreneurs and CEOs to develop a winning vision, Richardson knows the importance of not giving up and stresses this to those in the startup sector, where many can certainly get discouraged. She helps companies build beyond funding stages of their businesses and remedies clients to develop an abundance mindset.

“Your business is you, and you are your business. How do the two link together? If you have a limiting mindset, your business growth is going to be limited,” she said. “A lot of small businesses are great at what they do, but they lack a foundation in multiplying their income and duplicating their effort, and that can make or break their venture.”

With a passion for what she does, Richardson is ultimately sharing her vision of creating jobs and helping sustain a community ecosystem. This is achieved through her initiatives in helping small businesses and startups build or enhance their infrastructures, but also in implementing opportunities in the BIPOC and female entrepreneurial worlds.

“I love helping minorities and women. When you create jobs, you have a seat at the table to invoke change and a ripple effect of good outcomes,” Richardson stated. “All businesses are not cookie-cutters, and all people are not wired the same. I tap into understanding human behavior and use that leverage to find out what her clients want and get them to buy-in to a bigger vision.”

About Renzie Richardson

Renzie Richardson is the Founder and CEO of the BHFL Group and the new 12-Step Signature Coaching Program. She has helped over 500 clients bridge the void from startup entrepreneur to CEO. Click here to learn more about her signature offer: