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How Platinum Times Co became the go-to luxury watch dealer

Today, Platinum Times Co is a nine-figure company that takes a significant chunk of the luxury watch market share. They are aspiring to maintain a physical presence in at least five countries, with more expansion being planned. Clients come from nearly two dozen countries to find some of the rarest and most exclusive luxury watches. Founded in 2010, this company has an incredible story of how it got to where it is today.

The man who founded Platinum Times Co, Raul, has had a passion for watches ever since he was a young boy. That was due to his father having an extensive watch collection. This inspired Raul to start his own collection early on. By the time he was 12 or 13, he had a decent watch collection. He would often play with his watches and wear them to school. He also quickly realized how it was the best accessory a man could ever wear.

Raul was very passionate about which watch he was going to wear every place he went. His love of watches led to him collecting watch catalogs and reading blogs focused on luxury timepieces. He would also frequent the websites of well-known luxury watch brands to marvel at the latest releases.

When Raul turned 13, a family friend asked him if Raul could help him find a specific watch he was looking for. As a sign of things to come, Raul was able to locate it thanks to a friend, with Raul acting as the middleman for the transaction. From there, he began informing others in his network and group of friends that if they knew anyone who needed a watch, they could let him know and he would do his best to find it in great condition. Not only that, but he assured them it would be cheaper than buying it at retail.

Slowly but surely, Raul saw his new venture accelerate in popularity. By the time he was a freshman in college, he had over 30 luxury watches as part of his inventory. That was the point when he realized the only way he could grow faster and achieve his dreams of being a notable figure in the luxury watch community, was to grow his network. What he did was meet with clients located all around the world. This would enable him to meet others who were doing what he was doing.

In Raul’s case, it wasn’t easy, considering he didn’t have anyone to guide him at the beginning. His father didn’t know anyone in the industry, nor did his friends. He set out to create an extensive network from the ground up, and that is exactly what he did.

Today, Raul enjoys the fruits of his labor by reaching the level of selling thousands of luxuries watches every year. He’s come a long way from those first days and plans to continue expanding and taking up more of the luxury watch market share.

Of course, the success the company enjoys today couldn’t happen without the help from Raul’s entire team. Platinum Times Co is run by a team of almost 50 employees, serving the company’s clients around the world. One of the keys to its success is the fact that it is very well organized. From the first to final step, each staff member ensures the process is perfect. The operation is a big one, which is why every staff member is tasked with fulfilling their role to deliver precise service to each client.

To see the latest luxury watches offered by Platinum Times, you can check out their website. You can also follow Platinum Times on Instagram @platinumtimesco and Facebook.