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How Moving to China Launched Australian Musician Hazza’s Career

Although Harry Harding, better known as Hazza, hails from Queensland Australia, he has long felt a connection to China. While in high school, he was offered the opportunity to visit Beijing on a study trip and gladly jumped at the chance. He was amazed by the rich culture that he was met with and knew immediately that he wanted to know more. He quickly began learning the language throughout high school and university so that he could one day fulfil his dream of living in the country that he had come to love.

Music has also been a lifelong passion of Hazza’s and he was introduced to Chinese artist Jay Chou’s music shortly after returning from his school trip. This was a huge catalyst for him learning the language and he eventually decided to upload his very own cover of one of Jay Chou’s songs to YouTube. To his surprise, the video took off. He even made the news in China. This was the moment that he knew he had a gift and he soon began covering many more Chinese songs.


To pursue this dream of making music in China, Hazza made the move to Guangzhou. Before long, he found work at the local television station, GDTV, and has now been working there for 10 years. He started as the host of a talk show and is now fortunate enough to host both radio and television shows for the TV station. This allows him to express his creative side, explore the relationship between Australia and China, and even leaves him enough time to work on his music.

Hazza is passionate about working with Chinese music producers and soon embarked on the mission of branching out from covers and releasing his own original songs.

Hazza - I Was Wrong (后来我以为) Chinese Music Video | 澳洲人原创中文单曲

In 2012, he released his first single “Let Go” shortly after winning “Most Popular Internet Celebrity 2011” at the short film awards. The single peaked at number 1 on local Guangzhou music charts and was in the top ten for 11 weeks. His second single “No Worries” achieved similar success, reaching number 3 on local charts. In 2020 he released his biggest single yet “I Was Wrong” and was delighted to see it get such a positive reception from his Chinese audience, but also a global audience. Inspired by a breakup, it is a beautiful song that many people have been able to relate to deeply. The song reached number 5 on a national music chart in China.

It’s no surprise that Hazza has many more goals to accomplish and he assures his fans that there will be new music on the way, and hopefully a collaboration or two! His passion for music and for Chinese culture has allowed him to flourish in his new home as he continue to reach new heights.

Follow Hazza on Twtitter @GDTVhazza; Hazza is also on Spotify, check it out here or iTunes here.

Below are some other Hazza songs:

Let Go – Australia Plus

Hazza: Let Go - Australia Plus

His second Chinese single, a collaboration with Chinese singer-songrwriter Wu Huan, “No Worries”

[Aussie Chinese song] 澳人原创中文歌曲《无所不欢》Hazza - No Worries, ft. Wu Huan