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How Lauren Alexis Overcame a Lifetime of Challenges to Become a Top Influencer

“Virtually nothing on earth can stop a person with a positive attitude who has his goal clearly in sight.” — Denis Waitley 

With a positive attitude, you can move mountains to accomplish a goal that you believe in. The attitude we develop as individuals is mostly crafted during our childhood years. People who are lucky to have a normal upbringing may not realize the kind of grit and resilience it takes to preserve your mental strength while growing up in a troubled environment. Popular social media influencer and mental health advocate Lauren Alexis realized this while growing up. But her positive attitude and self-confidence have helped her turn all her dreams into reality. 

Lauren hails from a broken family where her father abandoned them when she was 4. She moved to several cities with her mother and two younger siblings during her younger years. This not only made it difficult for her to have a familiar environment to grow up in but her mother, having no time to tend to her, left Lauren to take care of her siblings. 

Lauren was only 13 when she decided to pursue a career in modeling and even tried to but was forced to quit by her family. She was demeaned for her choices by her family, friends, and even neighbors. Lauren always had this feeling that no one understood her or respected her choices as a child. When she discovered the endless possibilities of the internet at the age of 16, Lauren knew this was where she could express herself. Even then, her family discouraged her as they thought it was a childish move. Lauren’s family wanted her to get a ‘real’ 9 to 5 job, but she persisted and chased her dreams. 

Her career as an influencer also came with its own challenges. Besides the hard work required to create stunning content, Lauren had to deal with harsh negative comments from anonymous people trying to bring her down. She gradually learned to ignore them and that it’s part and parcel of being an influencer and carried on with her journey. Even today, Lauren works until 2:00 am to ensure she lives up to her fans’ expectations. Being an influencer is more than the glitz and glamor seen on social media. It means hard work every day and learning something new every hour so you can always go with the flow. 

Currently, Lauren has more than a million subscribers on YouTube and followers on Instagram. Lauren’s successful career is the best answer to those who never believed in her and discouraged her choices. She also pursued her unfulfilled dream of being a model when she turned 18. Lauren is admired by millions for her refined choice of fashion and aesthetics. Her popularity on social media is only growing with each passing day. 

Lauren uses her popularity to advocate for sensitive issues like mental health and body confidence. As a child survivor of mental health problems, Lauren now helps others overcome the same while growing up. She has partnered with the renowned video platform Twitch and collaborated with many popular content creators on YouTube. Lauren hopes to continue her journey on social media for many more years to come, not just as a model but as an influencer working for a cause, transforming millions of lives globally.