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How Content Creator and Streamer Jeffrey Tan Meng Lee Achieved His Success

Jeffrey Tan Meng Lee has quickly become one of the world’s most popular Facebook Gaming streamers. While he appears to have it all now, the journey to get where he is in his career has not been easy.

Before he began streaming and creating Facebook Gaming content, Jeffrey Tan Meng Lee was an ordinary 9 to 5 office worker. He soon discovered his passion for gaming, however, and began to develop his own channel JEFF TV. Despite this being his passion, he received negativity from people who did not believe that he could achieve success with this career path. While this was difficult for him to navigate, Jeffrey Tan Meng Lee persevered and continued to develop a positive online community around him and his channel.

Many doubt that professional gamer is an achievable career, yet Jeffrey Tan Meng Lee knows that if you have the right support systems around you, you will steadily begin to gain a large fan base. Despite his young age, Jeffrey Tan Meng Lee has proven that those who are dedicated to what they do and who work hard towards their dreams will achieve success.

At this point in his career, Jeffrey Tan Meng Lee is making more than 3,000USD every single month. Much of this money comes from his fans who adore his content and want to support him. Although he is a proud Singaporean citizen, he recognizes that the majority of his fans come from Indonesia and he is extremely thankful to them for the support that they provide.

On JEFF TV, Jeffrey Tan Meng Lee’s main game of choice is the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game. He streams himself playing this game on the Facebook Gaming platform for his fans around the world to enjoy. His enthusiasm and skill radiates on his streams and are a large part of what has attracted so many fans to his content.

Jeffrey Tan Meng Lee is one of the greatest success stories for professional gaming. His passion allowed him to reach the success that he enjoys today. When people tried to put him down, he believed in himself and kept fighting to make his dreams come true.


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