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How Gennaro Tella turned his Company into an Industry Leader

Being first to introduce something new to people is often met with criticism and doubt. For this reason, many people fear executing their ideas. When Gennaro Tella first presented Attitude, the situation was no different. People didn’t take him seriously, and many couldn’t understand what difference his company would bring to the sales industry. However, he didn’t give up on his vision, and, fifteen years later, his company, Attitude, has grown into the largest sales management company in Italy.

Gennaro is a sales expert, having worked in the sector for many years. In fact, his experience working in the industry is what inspired him to start Attitude. According to Gennaro, he noticed a lack of a specialized company in sales management to provide advice regardless of the sector by simply looking at the KPIs and the work they’re doing.

With a vision of what he wanted to achieve, he started working toward it, and today, his idea has transformed the sales sector. Attitude is leveraging technological innovation to validate their clients’ marketing strategies. Working hand in hand with their clients, the team is building new plans for them to grow customer acquisition further and potentially increase their sales. 

As their approach is based on objective facts guided entirely by data, Attitude can get a precise analysis and develop winning strategies. Their holistic model is setting them apart, making them a go-to company. Attitude has established a presence in over 19 countries and worked with various businesses. At one time, Gennaro won a 900-person sales governance implementation tender for the launch of a new product for one of the largest tobacco multinationals.

Gennaro is a firm believer in teamwork. He explains alone, you are worth half, but together, you achieve double the speed, giving you the knowledge to get things done quickly and effectively. With his team at Attitude, he has created a space where they interact and share ideas that will benefit the industry. He notes that building a team with the same vision has made it easier as he doesn’t have to force anyone to do anything.

“Through hard work, self-belief, and persistence, you can make your dreams come true,” says Gennaro. He adds, “While at times it will be difficult, giving up is not the answer.” Even though the majority didn’t believe in his idea, undeterred, Gennaro continued working on his goals. He recalls working day and night as he prepared for his first presentation, and while he didn’t have references, his client liked his project. This was the first client for Gennaro, and amazingly it was a multinational company.

His advice is to believe in yourself and remain committed to your plans. “Before making any decisions, first listen, observe, and analyze,” says Gennaro, “as this will help you make informed decisions.” He adds, “learning is a continuous process to succeed.” Remember to focus on what you can do better and how you can grow your brand. When asked about the future, in five years, Gennaro hopes to grow and expand his company to an international level and help others scale their ventures as well.