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How Eugene Johnson Managed to Build a Successful Tech Company From Nothing

Like most kids, Eugene Johnson dreamed of what he wanted to become when he grew up. Eugene wanted to build a successful business empire and develop new technologies that would make a difference in the world. But making this a reality was not going to be easy, especially considering that Eugene Johnson lived in one of the worst neighborhoods in New York City. 

Fast forward to more than 20 years later, Eugene Johnson is the founder and CEO of Revi, a technology solution changing the food ordering process and helping restaurants increase their revenue. How did he get to the top? You are about to discover how Eugene fulfilled his dreams and built a thriving empire.

Eugene Johnson was born and raised in one of the worst neighborhoods in NYC, where there was a lot of gun violence and other crimes. Growing up in such an environment, Eugene knew it would take much more to reach his goals as the odds were stacked against him from the start. But he was not ready to give up on his dream. 

Eugene put a lot of energy into his studies and passion, and by the time he was 18, he had started his first business. He set up a sales company in California after moving from NYC in search of greener pastures.

According to Eugene, getting started in the entrepreneurial space and the tech world was one of the most challenging steps. It is also what molded him into the tech expert he is today.

Eugene was struggling financially and lacked experience running any business. On top of that, it was hard for him to learn how to be professional and build a brand reflecting his image. Eugene had to transform from a ‘ghetto kid from the streets of NYC’ to a business owner. This was a change he had not anticipated. With all the pressures, and without any profit, Eugene says that he contemplated quitting and returning to the hood.

Looking back today, Eugene is grateful that he chose to fight for his goals as he has made his vision a reality. He has built an app that simplifies daily life through efficient tech and changing the food ordering process.

Revi is providing consumers with a more seamless, rewarding, connected, and personalized experience that drives value to both the customer and the business. It is redefining consumer purchase behavior and bringing identifiable profiles to the physical space while helping restaurant owners increase their revenue.

Eugene is also a successful entrepreneur and author of the top-selling book, The Mental Playbook. He built a sales team of hundreds of people and helped entrepreneurs become better leaders.

The journey to fulfilling your dreams is always daunting, and there are countless obstacles. But you should not give up or let any person steal your vision. Just like no man gave you that vision, you shouldn’t let anyone steal it from you, notes Eugene.