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How Eddie Pinero Uplifts The Masses Through Music and Storytelling

Motivating someone, pulling them out of a crisis, or making them see their true self-worth is a gift not everyone is born with. History has shown how some of the most incredible people and leaders were able to motivate those around them through the power of their words, body language, and stories. Personal development international speaker and musician Eddie Pinero does precisely that. 

Eddie is a true artist. Eddie was born with the talent of making incredible music that would delight everyone around him. Along with his musical talents, he has also discovered another one: motivating people to become the best versions of themselves. As of now, Eddie has produced several music albums featuring his trademark style of indie-pop music. However, that’s not all, Eddie’s achievements have surpassed the music industry, and he is also a Youtuber, international speaker, and founder of Your World Within. 

So, how did Eddie get where he is? How did he manage to bring two fields such as motivational speaking and the art of making music together? 

Born in Yokosuka, Japan to a military family, Eddie was always into making music. When he wasn’t writing lyrics, he would spend hours in the garage conjuring up a variety of beats and melodies. Music was part of his soul. As he grew up and graduated from college, he found himself in a corporate environment void of creativity and the self-expression he values so much. Ultimately, he would leave his job and the corporate world behind and return to the art that shaped his childhood.

Playing shows around Boston, Eddie would spend the next few years songwriting as well as working on other ways to push his creative limits. One day, after composing a cinematic score, he combined it with some spoken word storytelling that he had written in the past. What he ended up with was something both unique and powerful. This opened the door to a new genre of music that both excited and invigorated him. He  knew he had found his path to combining musical composition and inspiration. A few years later Eddie now has over 10 million streams on Spotify and his work has over 200 million stream worldwide. 

For many, this would be a success in itself. However, it only seemed intuitive to Eddie that he needed to expand his message outside the digital space and into the realm of speaking. He soon began sharing his story on stages all over the world, as he pushes others to see beyond their limitations and live their best lives. 

His story of commitment and persistence, even when he was unsure how things would unfold, has made Eddie’s journey inspiring to people around the world. Listeners could relate to him, and they saw hope. Eddie grew his speaking platform to the point where he is now an international speaker and considered a leading voice in personal development. He also has one of the biggest brands in the personal development space, Your World Within. 

By combining his music and motivational speaking talents, Eddie has created something unique: a platform that aids personal development through the uplifting words in the music he is so known for. Eddie has shown the world that music can change lives and help people see a better tomorrow.