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B. Lanksy

How B. Lansky Became One of the Music Industry’s Most Promising New Artists

New York native B. Lansky has already had an impressive debut as a musical artist. Born in 1988 in Manhattan, B. Lansky and his family soon moved to Long Island where he would spend his childhood developing his love for music. By the age of 13, he began writing songs.

This creative outlet only fuelled his passion more and he continued to experiment with developing his own musical style throughout his young adulthood. At the age of 20, B. Lansky moved back to Manhattan and continued to pursue a career in music. He began working at Zoo Studios in the South Bronx, gaining further understanding of the music industry and how it works.


With an impressive foundation from which to build his career, B. Lansky combined the song writing skills that he had been developing since childhood with the knowledge that he gained from working at Zoo Studios to start recording songs of his own.

In August 2019, his first studio album The Round Table was released. His time at Zoo Studios afforded him the opportunity to collaborate with a bunch of talented artists on the project. Vado, Hell Rell, Elephant Man, and Zoey Dollaz are just some of the artists that he has had a chance to work with so far.

After the success of his first album, singles and music videos followed, boosting B. Lansky’s career even further. In February 2020 Look What You Did, B. Lansky’s second album, was released.

Having successfully attracted an ever-growing fan base, the album was received with enthusiasm by music lovers from all around the world. The fans wanted more, and B. Lansky was determined to deliver. In June 2021, album number three Blessings and Curses made further waves in the music industry.

With all three of his albums available on major streaming platforms and adored by countless fans, B. Lansky is only getting started. His unique ability to combine infectious beats with expert lyricism has secured him a place as one of the music industry’s brightest stars to emerge in recent years.