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How Axel Beca, Miami-Based DJ, Made His Wildest Dream Come True

A lack of resources should not be a limiting factor for your dreams. The earth has two kinds of people: a group that makes things happen and another that always complains. While the latter walks around feeling stuck and making excuses why they don’t think they can make it, the former takes enormous steps towards what they want to be. Axel Beca, a resident DJ based in Miami, is one such person. His career is proof that if you want it badly enough, you’ll beat the odds and thrive.

DJ Axel is a resident DJ at two of the most high-end entertainment venues in the city. Over the past 6+ years, he has provided his outstanding house music productions to patrons of Mynt Lounge and the Seaspice. Although rubbing shoulders with world-renowned celebrities who frequent these venues is amazing, doing what Axel has always loved takes the fulfillment to another level.

DJ Axel’s journey in the entertainment industry began with a dream. Originally from France, Axel moved to Miami 10 years ago, armed with nothing but 80 euros in his pocket. With his eyes firmly fixed on his goal, he started working in restaurants as a busser to make some money. After work, he’d walk around the city, trying to find a spot where he could express himself musically. That’s when he discovered Soho House.

Axel began playing a few nights at Soho. Soon after, he got a residency offer at Baoli Miami. A few months later, Bamboo Miami, one of the city’s biggest clubs, also offered him a residency. The two residencies freed Axel from his restaurant job and allowed him to travel the world as a guest DJ. He has played in places like Romania, Dubai, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and France. Mynt Lounge and Seaspice came calling soon after that.

Besides DJing at the clubs, Axel also does personal projects. In 2020, he took that to another level when he produced his single “Want,” a collaboration between him and Nil Cardoso. At first, it was an independent project, but it was picked up by the Happy Music label a few weeks later. Shortly after that, it was signed to and licensed by Warner Music.

After years of making music in his living room, that was a huge milestone for DJ Axel. It was even more satisfying because he made everything himself, from the idea to the final mixing of the music. While other artists work with teams of musicians, producers, and engineers, his is a one-man show. That’s also part of what makes his music so popular, though, because he gives it his all.

In 2021, DJ Axel returned to the studio and produced new songs, including his single “Need You.” Right now, he is working on other projects, including his new track, “Break Me,” which is scheduled to drop early 2022. Axel is also ready to take his music outside the U.S. once again. He is looking forward to traveling the world and playing the biggest stages. Additionally, he is looking forward to collaborating with his biggest musical influences and producing for more artists in the dance, hip-hop, and Latin categories.