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Anas Abouqamer

How Anas Abouqamer Reinvented His Marketing Game

There is much to be said for the ones who are bold enough for profound reinvention, for seasoned marketing veterans like Anas Abouqamer, it wasn’t a choice, but a necessity. For modern marketers to have any chance at garnering impact and staying fresh, there is a requirement to adapt and to reinvent. Some elect to achieve this in more subtle ways, but for Anas Abouqamer, a grandiose shift in the status quo was his one and only option.

The Marketer

Before the pandemic of 2020, Anas Abouqamer was a digital marketer. He’d been working diligently in the digital space for the past decade and paving his experience with an impressive resume. As the pandemic hit he was managing the social accounts of the Mall of Qatar, which is one of the larger scale operations in the country which over 300k followers and a litany of accounts to manage within.

As the pandemic hit, he decided it was time to branch out, to become his own entity. He quit his position and created TripleFQatar. 

The Creator

His pathway from marketer to creator was not a smooth ride by any means, he took on challenges that typically falter lesser compatriots. When it comes to reinvention, he was not shy about going all in. Overcoming challenges through the technical side of full-scale content creation was admittedly a high learning curve.

Still, he battled through and managed to wrangle an impressive array of clients within his first year of operation. Including Talabat, which is the largest food delivery service in the middle east – a turning point came about when he realized he was being sought after for his quality and unique approach to content in lieu of spurring out repetitive and driveling alternatives that were admittedly rife in the industry.

As time marched on, he too discovered that he was able to fully realize his reinvention with the securing of contracts with Starbucks, Qatar Airways and Turkish Airlines within the first 12 months.

The Future 

Time will certainly tell as to whether this reinvention of a marketer to creator will stand on its own feet. If there’s any indication to be given from his pathway so far, we certainly have not seen the last of Anas Abouqamer.