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How a Specialist Blockchain Business Can Revitalise Your Company

Distributive ledger technology is quickly becoming a crucial force in the success of a company’s operations. However, if you’re not well versed in this growing form of technology, you’re probably really confused as to what a blockchain business like Block8 actually does. In essence, ledger technology is a digital list of records that are linked via cryptography. It helps firms build management models that are efficiently integrated with all management processes, streamlined through advanced technology. So, let’s check out the wide array of benefits that a blockchain business can provide to your firm and wider industry.


There are many significant trends in the digital world, including the growing use of ledger processes and data analytics. Digital ledger technology can increase the transparency of financial transactions. In essence, everything is visible on the digital ledger, meaning transactions have to be agreed upon by both parties before it can be added by the blockchain business to the ledger. Herein, company dealings are built on trust and accountability without the need for third party intervention, like a financial intermediary.

Lower costs

Furthermore, using innovative ledger technology can help lower your company’s costs. Eliminating the need for third parties or financial intermediaries can greatly reduce any costs you may need to ensure the efficiency of your network. Ironically, some of the big actors in Australian finance have begun looking into the cost saving advantages and value creation benefits of ledger technology.

Financial efficiency

One of the obvious benefits of using digital ledger technology is that it can increase the efficiency and timeliness of financial transactions. Since banks are removed from the transferring of funds, transactions administered by a blockchain business can be settled in a matter of seconds. This means there are no more delays when transactions need to be validated by your bank or weekend delays because of limited operating hours.

Supply chain management

Using innovative ledger technology can also assist your firm with its monitoring of supply chains. Indeed, you’ll find that you’re better able to identify any inefficiency in your supply chain management techniques and devise real-time solutions. Likewise, it can also be used to closely monitor your quality assurance and quality control measures. If you operate in the perishable food sector, you want to ensure that your company is doing everything it can to uphold high quality standards.


Furthermore, a blockchain business can introduce ledger technology that can help simplify your operations. Having multiple ledgers and transactions can greatly complicate the efficiency of your firm’s operations. Moreover, sharing data between different departments is incredibly convoluted. However, with distributive ledger processes, you’ll find that your company’s ledgers can be streamlined into one singular ledger, which can be viewed and accessed by all relevant parties. How your company manages its data is also really important, since the consequences of poor data management can be severe.

We can see the benefits of this in the medical sector. With the technology offered by a blockchain business, paper recordkeeping is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Utilising ledger technology, hospitals and medical practices can store patient records with ease, while also granting the patient more autonomy. Put simply, the patient can access their information and determine who has access to such information. This information can also be easily shared with the patient’s other specialists, increasing the efficiency in transferring information.

Protection of intellectual property and creativity

Another great advantage of seeking the services of a blockchain business is the protection of your company’s intellectual property and original creations. It could be written materials, a platform, original music or something physical, like an invention. Any original company content can be protected by using the ledger technology. How? A specialist blockchain business can ensure that the creator of new, fresh content receives their royalties from all online purchases, which are recorded in the online ledger. This ensures the real-time dispersion of royalties to the rightful creators of any company –related content.