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Subaru has admitted to falsifying data relating to the safety of their vehicles

The Japanese automaker Subaru has admitted to falsifying report data that was specifically related to the safety measures of their vehicles. Executives of the corporation held a news conference on the 28th of September where they announced that they admitted to the falsification of the data relating to the testing of the vehicle’s power steering and brakes.

In June this year, Subaru had also revealed that they had used inappropriate data for the testing of the fuel efficiency and exhaust levels of their motor vehicles. While other automakers have come out to the public admitting to faking tests for their vehicles, Subaru is the first corporation to admit to fabrication the actual safety functions of their vehicles.

Volkswagen had done a similar tactic where their vehicles new they were being tested and ran more efficiently than they normally would have. The reduction in greenhouse emissions allowed the company to have the vehicles passed and be available for purchase. After they had been caught fabricating results and installing software to cheat the system, Volkswagen was hit with hefty fines and all future and current vehicles need to be adjusted to meet current regulations.

Subaru has stated that they have not planned to implement a recall of the affected vehicles however the transport ministry is conducting an investigation into the vehicles and will determine the extent of the damage and if any other the vehicles need to be recalled.