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Home Equity Bank Launches a Campaign to Motivate Older Adults to Retire in their Homes

Canada-based Home Equity Bank has found a new way of urging older citizens who had previously considered downsizing to use better financing strategies to retire in their homes.

In 2017, the bank hit an all-time high with their mortgage numbers and is now launching a new brand after the success of the Chip Reverse Mortgage. The creation of the new platform has been made possible by collaboration with Zulu Alpha Kilo. The brand platform establishes a newly-designed logo, better visuals and a cohesive campaign that will propel the brand in the long-term.

The brand campaign makes use of both conventional and non-conventional executions. In one ad, a young couple can be seen urging their parents to scale back and put up their house for sale. The parents make fun of the proposal and suggest that they should now stay with the couple. A determined real-estate agent is depicted in another ad while trying to persuade an older couple to trade their home and their reaction is to turn her away with the sprinklers.

A third ad displays young parents conversing in front of a house on how to make an irresistible offer to an aged homeowner. However, the homeowner hears their conversation and decides to kick them out politely.

All the ads are a reflection of insights garnered from a national survey that targeted Canadians aged fifty-five and above and their retirement plans. Yvonne Ziomecki who heads the marketing and sales department at Home Equity Bank says that aging Canadian homeowners assume that they lack options when it comes to financing their retirement and therefore opt to sell their homes.

The bank’s research indicates that 93 percent of the population aged above 65 prefers to retire in their homes. Yvonne adds thatthe bank is excited about the brand’s direction of enabling aging Canadians to live even at retirement comfortably.

The television commercials go hand in hand with Direct response television that feature direct an honest messages. Additionally, each ad plays a significant role in informing and enabling retirees to be in charge of their dreams for retirement.

Apart from the television ads, the bank has also refreshed its website and posted a series of digital ads in addition to executions that resemble actual real-estate promotion. The ads also feature catchy headlines and messages that motivate people to continue living in homes they love with the help of better financing plans.

The founder of Zulu Alpha Kilo, Zak Mroueh says that the new brand focuses on the empowerment of retirees. Thus, aging Canadians will not feel pressured to sell their homes.