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Hillary Clinton Condemns President Trump’s Separation Policy Terming it as “Unimaginably Cruel”

Hillary Clinton has issued a statement against President Trump’s immigration policy of separating families following their illegal crossing of the US border. Clinton terms the policy as unimaginable cruel and hinted that the President’s visit to Britain next month should not proceed until the reunification of the children with their parents,

Clinton has also expressed concern over the fact that some families may never be reunited and further accused Trump of failing to retreat on his stern immigration policy that has seen the separation of more than 2,300 children in the recent weeks.

The 2016 Democratic presidential candidate asserts that the immigration policy is a part of the strategy meant to rally support for the border wall, which was a key promise during Trump’s campaign. Unfortunately, the probabilities of achieving this promise seem hollow.

Clinton further said that there is no need to separate children from their parents in a bid to reach amicable agreements concerning the wall. She asserts that the president should resort to political legislative processes. Clinton has also criticized Trump because of his oppositional attitude to anyone who criticizes him. He is therefore, intimidating everyone by adopting the all-or-nothing standpoint.

Last week, the President bow down to pressure and issued an executive order that would put an end to family separations. He, however, did not clarify the steps that his administration would use to reunite the children with their parents. Data provided by the Department of Homeland Security indicates that the reunification process is in progress. However, advocates and lawyers representing the migrant parents criticize the process and slow and chaotic.

On Tuesday, the secretary for Health and Human Services, Alex Azar stated that the agency had 2047 migrant children in custody. Interestingly, the number was only six children fewer than the number issued six days earlier. A California Federal Judge has directed President Trump’s administration to reunite the families within thirty days.

Earlier this month, Hillary Clinton joined all living first ladies, her husband and Pope Francis in condemning the separation practice. First Lady, Melania Trump also issued a statement saying that she hated the practice of separating families. She, however, supported her husband in blaming political parties for the policy.

Even as the President puts an end to the family separation practice, he is still keen to defend the “zero tolerance” policy. Clinton indicates that she had warned about the results of Trump’s nativist vision of America which would include family separations. She says that the current crisis is worse than she had ever imagined.