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Photo by jarmoluk via pixabay

Here is all you Need to Know About Brand Integration

Brand integration is not a new concept in the marketing mix. Over the recent years, brand integration has been on the spotlight because of its intensity and ability to cement its position in the marketing industry. The industry’s landscape is fast evolving, thus compelling marketers to change their approaches in consumer engagement.

Thus, brands integration offers brands a unique opportunity to insert their advertising into content seamlessly. The approach is both “unblockable and unskippable”. Most brands conduct extensive analysis before venturing into brand integration as a way of exploiting the dynamic marketplace.

However, there are some dos and don’ts that characterize brand integration and guarantee success. For starters, there is a need to gain familiarity with the entire breadth of brand integration space. Interestingly, big guns like Orange is the New Black, feature some of the highest audience ratings but they are not everyone’s preference. Thus, BEN’s senior vice president of global strategic partnerships, Caressa Douglas says that diversity in brand integration is essential in attracting the right audience.

Additionally, there is need to view brand integration as a worthwhile and long-term marketing strategy. Most people view integration as a category which allows dabbling of brands, but, marketers sees it as a sustained benefit in the long-term. Just like any other marketing practice, past experiences may be the source of the misperception.

Success in brand integration means creating relationships with content creators. Deep relationships are built over time and help achieve creative collaboration. Additionally, showing support for producers and influencers early in their careers can reap numerous benefits in the long-term.

There is also a need to avoid limiting a brand on platforms. Ordinarily, reaching the target audience via a perfectly orchestrated channel can bear rewards. Nevertheless, with time, a firm may discover that all the brand needs is a combination of film, TV and Instagram.

However, there are certain things that should never feature in brand integration. For instance, it is not a good idea to refrain from explaining every aspect of the brand or product. That means that’s it is necessary to view a brand with a fresh set of eyes. Also, attributes of the brand that may look irrelevant could turn out to be a boon to a creator.

Most importantly, after beginning the integration journey, be ready for some challenges along the way. Just like other marketing campaigns, certain integrations tend to perform better than others. Thus, before giving up on brand integration, you need to find out what works best for your brand in terms of the results.