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How A Canadian American Band Hello Fiasco is Shaking up The Pop-Rock Scene

In today’s world of music, oversaturated streaming platforms are making it harder and harder for bands to stand out. So, when a group does shine amongst the crowd, it’s something to acknowledge. Well, Hello Fiasco, a Canadian American pop-rock band, is kicking down doors and shaking up the music scene. How are they doing it? Simple. By creating pop-rock tunes that focus on lyricism and musicality and by leaning into what they do best.

Straddling the Border

Hello Fiasco hit the scene in 2021, but by no means are they new to the game. Former members of The Mailman’s Children–a Canadian rock group–took a leap of faith to start fresh with a new team of musicians and a new sound. Twenty-three secretly recorded songs later, Hello Fiasco was ready to make a splash and show the world what pop-rock music could be.

Hello Fiasco
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The five-piece band is made up of a Canadian-born crew, including Eric LaBossiere (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Joel Couture (bass), Joel Perreault (lead guitar/backup vocals), Ivan Burke (drums), and Guy Abraham (keys/Ableton/backup vocals). Their American roots come from the band’s frontman Eric LaBossiere who resides in Helena, Montana. Although a border stands between them, Hello Fiasco’s debut album shows what chemistry and talent can create.

Hello Fiasco Finds the Shoreline

Find the Shoreline is Hello Fiasco’s freshman album consisting of twelve songs with a veteran sound. Each track has a unique vibe that creates a cohesive piece of work. The lyrics conjure emotions of love, pain, positivity, and uncertainty as they’re delivered through one catchy melody after another.

Hello Fiasco wanted to produce something that a wide audience could get behind, and so far, they’ve hit the mark. Since the album’s official release in May of 2022, the band has seen a steady increase in momentum. Find the Shoreline has received over 3,000,000 Spotify streams and 55,000 downloads and has been placed on more than 6,000 Spotify playlists–yeah, they hit the mark.

The band wouldn’t have seen this type of success without a strong album from start to finish, but Hello Fiasco’s first single has been the tune that’s brought in the most listeners.

Hold Me Close

The first single, “Hold Me Close,” is the second track on the album and shows exactly what this band is capable of. In a blend of synth beats, a steady bass line, and a rhythmic guitar, LaBossiere begs to reignite the romance of a relationship through a barrage of dynamic vocals. It’ll carry you through a musical journey you’ll want to experience again and again.

HELLO FIASCO - HOLD ME CLOSE (Official Video) Hello Fiasco™

As of now, the song has already been streamed more than 700,000 times on Spotify and received nearly 200,000 views on YouTube. Part of the song’s popularity is thanks to the multiple stations playing the single in over 25 countries.

Hello Fiasco

Final Chords

Hello Fiasco isn’t content with just taking over the music streaming space. The band is in the process of putting together a North American tour now that it’s already had a sold-out debut performance at Canada’s Festival du Voyageur. So, get ready for this Canadian American band to keep shaking up the pop-rock music scene and pushing the limits of what’s possible!

**Photos credit: JSenftphotography