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Great Guests Visit David Bryan’s Curiosity Invited Podcast

Despite its relatively young age (1 year plus), the guests showing up on Curiosity Invited means something special is happening. Host and Founder David Bryan must be doing something right. In the last couple of months alone, Curiosity’s guests have included some high profile guests. Among them: Democratic Presidential candidate, and NY Times best-selling author Marianne Williamson; social activists and bridge builders, Daryl Davis, and former leader the Neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement, Jeff Schoep (he has since renounced his past); and twice Emmy-nominated composer and recipient of the 2023 Pulitzer Prize for Music, composer Michael Abels. Recently, LA mayor Karen Bass returned for a second conversation. Yes indeed, something is afoot at Curiosity Invited.

Some of it has to do with Bryan’s past. An educator for over forty years at the middle, school, high school, and post-secondary levels and co-founder and Founding Head of New Roads School in Santa Monica, CA, Bryan has tapped former colleagues, students, and their parents to appear as his guests. And we hear that he hopes there will be more to come. Amanda Gorman, Dakota Johnson, Logan Green and Earl Sweatshirt have all received invitations. We look forward to seeing them on future episodes.

But Bryan’s years in education did not only result in “contacts.” He has earned the respect of the people he has worked with. Former colleagues, students, and their trust him. They know that he believes everyone’s story, everyone’s point of view matters.  And that’s what you feel in his conversations with guests. Whether it’s a conversation with a renowned computer scientist about the latest in AI, an award winning composer, a lifelong activist, an award winning author … you name it, Bryan is there because he is genuinely curious about people’s lives. He cares about the choices people make. And by the time he signs off, so do you.