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Premiere: GQueTv Celebrates Fatherhood In New “Black Fathers Matter” (Video)


In the midst of Black history month 2022, Rapper/Songwriter: GQueTv releases a new song that touches on the importance of being an Active Father as an African American male in society. Over 50 years ago the stereotype of the Black father being “absent” and the African American children being “fatherless” was first introduced and has refused to fade as the years progressed.

GQueTv opens the song with saying “It ain’t easy being a Black father” and leads us all down a journey of the ups and down of being both present and absent in a child’s life. The 28 year old father of two also shares how in his life he had his dad and how

“undefeated” the presence a father holds in a child’s life. The video is placed Downtown Cleveland, Ohio, with an opening scene of him and his children playing a classic game of Rock-paper-scissors. Throughout the video, GQueTv spends time with his son, they share laughs and enjoy father son bonding. The Clarity in his vocal tone, the crisp pronunciation of every word with a very insightful message makes this well written record pure ear candy.

GQueTv - rapper

I have to admit, in an industry where lyrics aren’t as appreciated as they once were. I’m impressed! The Kendricks and J Coles of the world potentially have a new star on the rise to help continue to fill the void of lyrical rap that a whole generation fell in love with over 20+ years ago. Of course, nowadays you have Griselda’s own: Benny the

Butcher and Conway the Machine. Your JIDs, Cordaes, Joyner Lucas, Chance the Rapper’s etc. the list goes on. This new realm of rap feels, looks & sounds refreshing.

Music with a message is exactly what this is. In fact, “Black Fathers Matter” puts me in the mind frame of this song by a rap artist by the name of “Lil Baby” who on June 12th, 2020 released the Forbes magazine acclaimed “Most streamed track after death of George Floyd” and unity amongst all record titled: “The Bigger Picture”. Popularizing real life series of events in this world of division we live in.

GQueTv - Black Fathers Matter ft. Barack Obama (Official Video)

GQueTv - music artist

Check out both the song and visual fo GQueTv – “Black Fathers Matter” above