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Getting to Know a Real Legendary Singer, Mrarix

Here you get familiar with Mrarix, one of those few artists whose voice and talent are exemplary.

Arian Ziaei Better Known as Mrarix is an Persian singer, Arian was born in 2004 in Iran and lived there for 10 years And Moved to Germany He is widely regarded as one of the greatest singers of his generation. He is a renowned singer with a natural ability who can make a good impression on your soul with his voice.

Nadare Fargh (feat. Wisiki)

Mrarix has several amazing songs that the most popular ones are “Shayad Behtare,” “Nadare Fargh,” and “Bad Adat.”

The most notable fact about him is that whenever he releases a piece of music, it catches over a million times play after a short period. His songs are so catchy that you can’t stop playing them over and over.

One of his most famous songs, “Hers,” was a hit song about one year ago that got +900.000 Streams on Spotify, that proves the ability of this young singer.

Mrarix also sang a solo song called “Bad Adat” which came as a bombshell and was played over 1.5 million times a few months ago.

Talking about his achievements may take a lot of time, but Mrarix is a legend in this era.