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George Ukkuru talks about the benefits of the NoSkript Quality engineering platform

George Ukkuru is the head of Quality Engineering at UST Global and is the product owner of the Noskript Quality Engineering platform. NoSkript is a comprehensive End to End Quality engineering platform that aggregates the capabilities of multiple testing tools and supports automation of End to End test life cycle activities. In an exclusive interview George Ukkuru describes   the key features of the NoSkript platform and the benefits that it can provide to quality engineers.

How has the landscape of software quality testing transformed in recent years?

Software testing practices have undergone a significant change to support Agile/DevOps methodologies. In today’s world, one of the key outcomes expected from the quality engineering team is to maximize the reach of services to the target audience and to exceed the expectations of the end consumers. But organizations are struggling to achieve speed primarily due to the unavailability of the right tool set and talent.

What are some features that NoSkript has?

Our platform offers the capability to automate test life cycle activities like auto-generation of test cases from business process models. Quality engineers can design end to end automation tests spanning across multiple technologies and carry out cross-browser/device tests in a parallel and disturbed manner. We also offer capabilities to carry out accessibility and visual testing of websites, which helps to improve the overall user experience. Quality engineers can also provision test data using Bots and track ROI for test automation using our analytics capabilities.

Can you describe the benefits offered by the NoSkript Platform?

Our platform NoSkript works by aggregating the functionality of several testing tools and empowers diverse teams to automate test life cycle activities with minimal upskilling. Quality engineers can create testing assets at a faster rate and easily scale-up the degree of testing to meet business demands. Using our platform, quality engineering teams can undertake massive and parallel execution to accelerate test execution velocity by 1.5x.

What does the future hold for NoSkript?

We are continually improving on the capabilities and have a road map that is frequently updated based on industry trends and feedback from our user base. We are releasing the 5.0 version of the platform towards the beginning of next year that will offer self-healing capability to reduce the maintenance efforts and integration with the digital lab. We are also working towards the addition of non-functional testing capabilities to the platform by Quarter 1 of next year.