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Gentry Chidester, CEO of Elite Closers, Is Changing Lives Through E-Learning

Financial security is a significant consideration for many people when choosing careers. People have become doctors, lawyers, and CEOs of companies and then left to follow their passions years later. Unfortunately, they are already burnt out by then. Gentry Chidester, CEO of Elite Closers, was on his way to a similar fate before life forced him to do something else. Today, he is grateful it did.

Gentry’s story began when he turned 20. He’d grown up in a family of 7 kids as a child, depending on their teacher father’s paycheck. Although they weren’t in terrible shape, money was tight, and Gentry grew up desiring to be “rich” one day. When the time came to choose a career path, he decided that becoming a doctor was the easiest route to financial freedom.

While still in college, Gentry met his now-wife Andrea, and life took an exciting turn. On his 21st birthday, he found out he was going to be a dad. If he stayed on the path he was on, it would have taken him 14 more years to finish school. Unwilling to miss out on his family for that long, he quit college.

Gentry picked up two full-time jobs to prepare for his baby’s birth. He was selling phones for Comcast, and he was also doing online health coaching. He worked 18-hour days, from 5 AM to midnight, because he wanted his family to be okay when the baby came.

Shortly after, Gentry was introduced to high-ticket online sales. Hungry as he was for success, it didn’t take long for him to shine. He started selling 3–6K online coaching programs, and within a month, he’d earned 5X his previous income. Soon, he was making more money than he would ever have made as a doctor.

In 3 years, Gentry has done 10k+ high-ticket consultations and $35M+ in sales. He has also led and managed multiple 7–8 figure sales teams. These achievements are even more remarkable because he did all that when he was still under 24. He’s also received two awards for his outstanding work.

Currently, Gentry shares the techniques he used to make such huge sales and the skills a good salesperson must have to do it. However, for people desiring to get into what he considers the best sales industry, high-ticket remote sales, he has developed an e-learning course that will teach them all they need to know.

The course content includes modules on how to attract prospects that are ready and willing to do business, selling using words alone, and how to apply influence and persuasion to your prospects. Other skills included are how to become the go-to expert in your field and mastering sales and closing. Ultimately, the course is designed to help students join the top 1% of salespeople who consistently take 6–7 figures home every year.

To people who feel like they are trapped but don’t know how to go about it, Gentry says, “Where there is a will, there is a way.” They don’t need to choose between financial stability and their families if they play their cards right. As he proves, you can have success and still be present for your family. He will walk with his students until they, too, manage the same in their lives.