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From Rags to Riches, Alice Hatcher’s Journey to the Top

Alice Hatcher is a top health and beauty expert who has been in the industry for over two decades. During that time, she opened a medspa, launched an e-commerce site, and even started a medical skincare brand.

Alice was born in Taipei Taiwan and migrated to the U.S. at the age of one. Her parents didn’t speak any English but they both worked hard to make ends meet. Her mother worked the night shift as a nurse while her father went through engineering school.

They lived in a one-bedroom apartment which was located above the family’s business—a Chinese restaurant.

Unfortunately, the school that Alice attended didn’t offer any English Language classes at the time; so, she had to learn the language by being immersed in it.

As a child, she had difficulty fitting in and was the only ethnic Chinese student in the school. Sadly, she dealt with her fair share of bullying during her time there.

Despite her background, she was determined to overcome her circumstances. In 2006, she opened up a medical spa. When the recession hit soon after, she struggled to keep her business afloat.

In an attempt to bring in more customers, she would go out and talk with random people in parking lots about her business and she would often leave flyers on people’s cars to promote her business.

If anyone she talked to was interested, she would bring them to her spa to give them a facial. During that time, she performed many roles in her business such as being the receptionist, facial expert, and clerk—anything to get her business through the recession.

After struggling through the recession, instead of sitting back and taking a much-needed break, she launched an e-commerce skincare store. At the time, online stores were taking off; so, she decided to take advantage of that opportunity and create an online store of her own.

It was a tremendous success to the point that, in the first year, her online store had more sales than her medspa. Not slowing down, she then started a skincare brand called: “Precision skin RX.” And again, she saw tremendous success.

To this day, all three businesses are thriving and her medical spa is considered to be one of the best in Orange County, California.

Though Alice has seen a lot of success in her life, throughout her life, she constantly dealt with others not believing in her and even saying that she will never succeed.

To this, Alice advises others to: “Don’t give a f*** what anyone says, because, in the end, it’s all about you and your happiness and what you can turn your future into. Don’t ever give up. People say s*** things because they are unhappy with themselves.”

As for the future, Alice hopes to be a positive role model and to help others feel better about themselves and gain confidence through skin, fitness, and mental health.

All in all, Alice Hatcher’s life is a testament to what can be accomplished regardless of the circumstances. She did not come from wealth, nor did anyone believe in her—yet, she still succeeded.