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From Oroville to the World: How Grant Conner’s Nuggets by Grant Became a Top Seller on eBay and Shopify

There’s nothing like the thrill of holding pure gold in your hands. A natural gold nugget is a piece of gold that broke out of quartz deposits within the earth when erosion occurred. You can find the nuggets in rivers and streams using a gold pan. Several gold sellers have specialized in selling natural gold nuggets, one of them being Grant Conner. Grant is a 4th generation natural gold dealer from the gold town of Oroville. Rising from a background well-versed in natural gold, Grant identified a niche in the market, and he decided to create a collection of Natural Gold famously known as Nuggets by Grant.

Nuggets by Grant was founded in 2013 and has excelled in selling authentic gold extracted from the earth in an eco-friendly way. Notably, all their gold nuggets for sale have an authenticity certificate backed by Orocal. Nuggets by Grant sells gold from placer miners, small artisan mining communities, and Australia. The collection stands out from other gold nugget sellers in the industry because of its high quality and unique products. The jewelry pieces made using natural nugget gold have casting grains adding to their precious nature. Nuggets by Grant organic gold has attracted global clients from Australia, Alaska, and North America.

Aside from the high quality, Nuggets by Grant has world-class customer support that meets the needs of its clients. The customer service team provides 24/7 phone, email, and chat support to ensure their client’s needs are promptly addressed. A leader in the gold industry, Nuggets by Grant has shaken up the natural gold industry with over 30 million in sales and ten years of online services. They have free shipping within the US, and they offer international shipping as well. Additionally, the packages are fully insured.

A high-end gold seller, Nuggets by Grant, delivers transparent services allowing their customers to know the source of their gold. It also offers a range of products from various regions, including Alaska, British Columbia, and the Yukon region. Customers can even buy gold directly on the Gold Rush Show from the Hoffman family and the Mammoth Valley Mine. 

From their website, you can browse regions and find mining supplies or spot new gold, gems, or specimens from Brazil, Mexico, Colorado, Italy, and more. You can also select the new Logos MMXX tab and buy coins, bars, or casting grain to make organic jewelry. Nuggets by Grant has been ranked as the top best seller on eBay, the top 1% of Shopify store traffic, and the world’s largest distributor of eco gold.

In a world where people are not concerned about the environment they source the mines from, Grant stands out by his passion for the ecosystem, believing that as much as we want to extract the precious mines, we should take care of the environment too. “Some of my dreams would be to see less corruption and more light shed on the precious metal industry. If we use this gold for something sacred such as humans becoming one in marriage, we should care if the energy in that ring was created through bloodshed or harm to Mother Earth,” he adds.

Grant is undoubtedly determined to continue making authentic gold sales and becoming a trailblazer in the global market. He envisions other jewelry brands sourcing their gold from him as one of the world’s top experts who can find authentic gold from small mining communities that are good for the Earth.