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From Live Shows to Live Streaming, Jonathan Paul Smith’s Story Is Truly Inspiring

The secret to standing out from the crowd is by being different. A trend can become a trap for many artists who want their own identity. Trends become normalized because everyone is following them. With the advent of social media, it has often been thought of as a standardized shortcut to fame, whereas in reality, it is not. Trends often create an illusion about what people most like and what is creating a lot of hype. Musician, singer, and songwriter Jonathan Paul Smith has proved this with his life because iInstead of following the music industry trend, he chose to be one, which separated him quickly from the competition. 

Growing up in New Orleans, Jonathan was always intrigued by sounds of any kind. He realized he had an ear for different sounds when he was 5 and heard the clip-clopping of heels down an empty corridor. Since then, he was fascinated by different types of sounds like raindrops, the breaking of a glass, the sound of a bottle when it pops open, and busy traffic. What were mere noises to the rest of the world was music to his ears.

Growing up, Jonathan was naturally drawn to music. He discovered his passion in a dubbing studio, which made him realize his true calling. He moved to NYC to chase his dreams. After overcoming the initial financial struggle to support his passion, Jonathan managed to sign a contract with a music label to perform live. Gradually he became a recognized artist by performing at live shows, parties, and festivals. This all changed when the pandemic devastated the world in 2020. Jonathan’s career also bore the brunt of it. For months he sat idly at home waiting for postponed events to be rescheduled. After losing all hope due to the pandemic-imposed lockdown, Jonathan decided to go virtual to reach his fans. 

He came to know about the power of social media and its immense possibilities. Soon he launched his YouTube channel named Soulful Sound. His debut song “Times Will Change” in October 2020 became a viral trend across social media. It got more than 2 million views in a month and topped the Spotify charts. From performing in front of live audiences to live streaming his songs, it was a thrilling experience for the 26-year-old artist. His debut single made him an overnight sensation. 

“Times Will Change” is an inspirational track combining electrifying jazzy notes with contemporary hip-hop. This cross-genre track brought with it a wave of fresh music. The undertones of natural sounds that form the backdrop of the track made the song a trendsetter on social media. After being out of work for a while, the success of “Times Will Change” was the boost he needed at the time. The overwhelming response from his existing fans and music enthusiasts from all over the world encouraged him to continue his journey. 

Since then, Jonathan released one more single in February 2021 titled “The Sunshine,” and his debut album Break-Free dropped in July 2021. Both projects took the internet by storm. Jonathan is now gearing up for his upcoming release in 2021, the date of which will be published soon on his Facebook and Instagram handles. 

Social media got the ball rolling when pandemic restrictions made Jonathan feel stuck in his career. What followed was a snowball effect. Jonathan wants to continue live streaming on Facebook to connect with his fans and keep on releasing more unique tracks on his YouTube channel.